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Pit Bull Vs Lion – Real Video Deathmatch vs. Lion Trained Pit Bull

Pit Bull Vs Lion – Real Video Deathmatch vs. Lion Trained Pit Bull

Time wasted with the bullshit of a madman 😂 thank you🤦
It seems Blondie Fox has nothing to do with that kind of comparison.
The lion will be more adequate and once again without excessive need or exertion for the sake of excitement .. but the pit bull is still closer to a person, this type of fighting for his purpose is also common …
And there is nothing to say. Surely the lion will tear the tyafka
If you want to check it out, put it in a cage with a lion or a spotted hyena.
Pitbull is simple prey for lions, tigers, jaguars, crocodiles, crocodiles, Komodo dragons. Even hyenas will quickly tear this flea truck apart.
A lion breaks a horse’s spine with a blow of his paw, what is the dog for his purpose? A tiger usually won’t let a dog pass, definitely feast on it, the dog will get the tiger drunk, which means the lion.
Who will win? Because it is not correct to compare such a cat with a dog. I see, compared to a lynx, there is a cougar, even a leopard. And it’s kind of naive, childish.
Even the elephants bypass the lion, because he is the king and this is in his canine teeth and even that is not enough and no one can overcome the whole of his psychology.
I like PETS but look at things realistically! Anyone who has seen a lion up close, at least in a zoo, will understand that it is utter nonsense to say that a dog can oppose anything against a lion !!!
Yes, a team of lions will eat a pit bull and not notice what is found
mixed all the breeds into a bunch, which at least somehow looked like a pit bull,
If the pitbull was the size of a lion, he wouldn’t have lost, but maybe 5 pitbulls wouldn’t have lost to a lion, even though he was the king of beasts.!!!?!!!
Stupid video, stupid comparison. First, the weight category with a large margin towards the lion. Second, skills and life circumstances. The lion is a natural killer. No matter how you train the dog, a pit bull cannot seriously harm a lion. So there will be no war of the century. Pure stupidity of the author of the video.

The tiger jumps 3.5 meters high, you are talking about the lion jumping 6 meters high, in height, the tiger is stronger than the lion in everything and even then he cannot jump higher than 3.5 meters in height and the lion is smaller and weaker than the tiger, the lion’s muscles are weak well developed, claws are 2 cm smaller, teeth are also 2 cm smaller, the lion is inferior in everything and in size to the tiger. weight category. The tiger alone and the strength of the lion in pride, you are counted for knowledge
The lion is a noble animal, it is not in vain that he is the King, there is no stronger beast.

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