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I’m a Big Kid Now Cute Baby Animals Funny Pets City

I’m a Big Kid Now Cute Baby Animals Funny Pets City

I have a 6 month old labrador dog. He was smaller than my cat when I got him at 8 weeks and is now bigger than any other Lab I’ve ever seen. He’s at a very healthy weight, I think I just caught the giant of the garbage…
Some are like life-size teddy bears, lol so cute😆 😂 🤣
I want space to raise a puppy I like it a lot😢😍😍😍
I am amazed at how small and cute they are to make them look so big and tough!🤯
It doesn’t matter if they are small or big, they are still very cute.
It’s nice to hear that I’m a big kid now 🎶🎶
Very funny video I learn a lot from this channel and I am trying to create my own video, the videos are very high quality and enjoyable, you are doing a great job👍👍👍
I’m sick of your videos, they made us smile at this difficult time, thank you
and when you have a mini poodle they are a baby forever.
I’m a big kid now.. I’m a big kid now! She went from diapers to wearing pull-ups! I love this beautiful video my dog looks like one of these🤩
pitbull in water 👍looks like a bodybuilder dog🐕🐶
Hello, your dog is adorable, I have a puppy similar to this one, but with some black spots and some white spots.
These dogs are the biggest I’ve ever seen, from the tiny little thing to the big warehouse!
He actually does, you should do a lot more of these
I love these they look so cute when they grow up
I was changing the whole video: Oh, how cute! To: I was so scared! hahahahaha The song that plays when they grow up on pit bull suits it even better
everytime i see a pitbull and husky i say oh my god it’s so cute
This reminded me of when I got my KNPV Dutch Shepherd dog. At 8 weeks he was the cutest little boy in the world. About 9 pounds. Now he is the image of the devil. Really serious dog. Extremely high driving.

Oh I love dogs so much 🥰🐶🐕🐕🦮🐕‍🦺 I wish they stay like this forever
They’re so cute when they’re little, I want to grow up they’re so cute, they’re so cute
1:55 to1:58LOL This dog is so cute and funny at the same time xd
I congratulate you in this video where all the puppies participate.
2:40POV: your brother has grown and you’ve reached a growth spurt as a result
These dogs are all so cute that I wish all the dogs in the world were mine and dogs are my favorite animal, they love it so much! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
This is a cute little puppy but looks even more beautiful when he grows up ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
I love my dream dogs Pomeranian Rottweiler and doberman French bulldogs and King Charles Spaniels I have these :DI We met King Charles Zeva when I was 5 years old we adopted him we grew up together 🙂 and he still sleeps in my bed all the time in the morning
It’s actually surprising how cute the offspring of breeds that can kill a baby are.
Until a Pitbull owner hits the spot, everyone thinks they have the coolest dog. (That’s kind of)
long legged dog…… they are actually a man’s best friend… what if it’s more than a friend😍😂😂
0:56Oh my god, the dog is so big. I love dobermans and all dogs
You notice every time when they get big the people petting them they don’t wanna get bit 😂

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