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Abandoned puppy is full of joy when adopted

Abandoned puppy is full of joy when adopted

This is a treasure you have found and a thousand thanks to you for saving her (or her) and giving her the Care and Love she needs and undoubtedly deserves ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ The pup is so precious and helpless. I don’t understand how a person leaves him on purpose.
One of the cutest and most precious puppies I’ve ever seen! God bless those who saved him. I pray she finds her 🙏loving ️ and forever home very soon!❤
How could anyone leave this little lover? I hope she finds a loving forever home.
Thank You For Rescuing This Gorgeous Little Puppy. I don’t understand how anyone could be so cruel on purpose.. This Puppy has such a beautiful face and those big 👁️ eyes melt my heart ❤️. I wish this sweet dog a loving home with lots of Love, Hugs and Hugs.🙏🐾🐶💜🥰🤗
How lucky they are to find a beautiful puppy and someone who will love and care for him!
What a beautiful thing you have done and such a beautiful puppy.. Who leaves a puppy alone?! Terrible
Thank you for saving such a sweet pup. Why would anyone leave her.. such a sweet, kind soul..
Who would abandon such a cute little puppy, no one I know would do that.
I congratulate this young man for saving this beautiful pup, I love it so much God bless you👏🥰
Thank you for saving him and taking him to the vet for inspection and more. Thank you very much for taking him with you and giving him a happy life full of love and care, thank you very much.
Eat in peace, he is very hungry, then he tries to disinfect it or look for bugs. Very good job of helping these poor creatures, I greet you from Argentina.
How easy is it to admit that we all love dogs and yet forget our obligations to each other? Love is eternal.
Awe she’s so cute! ❤🤗🤗🥰 Thank you for rescuing the puppy and giving it so much attention and love. You are an earth angel 😇🙏😇💕👍.
Thanks bro, I respect your effort, I’m from Sri Lanka ❤️ ❤️
Thank you for rescuing this beautiful little dog, how can someone make this beautiful dog, I hope this puppy has a wonderful life now ❤️

Thank you for finding and giving this beautiful little dog a loving, caring home, I will never understand how any random person could do this to a tiny dog or random animal.

Mary Thompson
2 days ago
APPLY FOR DOING AWAY.NOB. Bless THIS LITTLE LITTLE BABY DOG FULL OF LOVE. THANK YOU, the little man had no luck out there alone. I’m glad that the little pup has a home from now on.❤😊🎉
I can’t understand why the non-human being has purposely abandoned these wonderful beings who came to give us the best, but I hope life gets worse for it’s sake but when it gets too old, it can’t defend itself.
Oh my god, so weirdly cute! Who can do this? Health to your heart. People love to see cute puppies arrive. yes it was cute
Beautiful and brave thing… Praise be to Allah, who sent a lifeguard angel to save you from the dangers of the street!❤💋🐕💋❤
Sounds like you put that dog in that area. You knew exactly where to go and your puppy was glad to see you. I hope you didn’t try to trick us like that.😊😊This pet is so cute, if it must be all people in the world, how happy is the person in the video for rescuing the pet.👍
❤But hey, who has the heart to leave this cute BB ⁄. I don’t understand you. But hey, thanks for helping ❤️ and soon you’ll find a family to take care of and love you very much. 🇻🇪 A huge hug from Venezuela
Gorgeous pup looks beautiful, beautiful signs that it’s hard to understand that someone will abandon this creature.
Well done physicians cheer for the little brothers, treat and wash everyone wellness and joy and love, take care of yourself and good mood, she became very clean and beautiful
What a beautiful puppy, who would be the bad person who left him but 🙏 thank God for saving this good person, God bless him forever 🥰😂🙂🌿🙏🌸❤️🙏
Thank you for saving this beautiful baby. The area looks completely deserted, why would anyone leave a baby there with so much space? It’s like they don’t want him to be saved.
I continue to see so many small animals abused and abandoned, and it actually breaks my heart. No animal deserves to be unloved. All they need is someone who will take care of them and show them they are needed. Thank God, there are still good people in this world who save these little animals out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s not about money, it’s about love. How can they abandon a puppy and there are so many bad people in that place!!! God bless you for helping!! Greetings from CDM

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