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50 Interesting Facts About Cats

Information About Cats

*A healthy adult cat has 30 teeth in its mouth.

* When cats fall from a height, they fall on all fours thanks to their balance mechanisms.

*Cat nose print is equivalent to human fingerprint and each one is different.

*Cats do not have sweat glands on their arms, they only sweat from their paws.

*Cats’ purring sound has been found to be beneficial in healing fractures and dislocations and balancing blood pressure.


*Cats determine their own space and objects by rubbing against people and objects.

*A cat with an average lifespan of 15 years spends about 126 months of its life sleeping.

* There are about 20 muscles in the ears of cats that direct the auricle, and these work in coordination, allowing the ear to perceive sounds better.

*The record for the cat with the highest number of births is in the cat named Dusty with 420 kittens.

*While it is believed that a black cat brings bad luck all over the world, only in England and Australia a black cat is considered a source of luck. (We do not believe that any cat brings bad luck)

*A healthy cat has five toes on the front and four on the hind legs.

*The mustache is not a cat’s balance organ. It’s just a tool to measure whether it can get into a place or not.

*Cats cannot go upside down from where they climb. Nails are not suitable for this.

*Cats do not have collarbones.

*Cats have a better memory than dogs.

*The penises of male cats are anatomically barbed.

* Saliva secretions have antibacterial properties. As they lick themselves, they also destroy microbes in the feathers.

*Cats cannot see better than humans at night, contrary to popular belief.


*Female cats may mate as long as they allow. A neutered cat will never allow a male to mate.

*The reason why the cat’s eye glows at night is a light-reflecting layer behind the retina found only in felines and some wild animals.(Tapetum Lucidum)

*The body of cats is formed from 290 bones.

There are 500 million pet cats in the world.

*Cats’ heart beats at around 130 beats per minute.

*The first cat show was held 200 years ago.

*Cats don’t like swimming or water. Only the Van Cat breaks this generalization.

*Cats jump up to about 5 times their own height.

*Cats dream just like humans and dogs.

*Cats love the smell of chlorine but hate the smell of citrus.

*Average body weight is between 4-6 kg. The heaviest cat detected weighed 21,297 Kg.

*Cats can never feel sweet flavors.

*Cats have been able to endear themselves to approximately 12% of the world’s people.

*It is the only living cat that can sabotage the election results in Turkey.

*Cats can easily drink sea water.

*The most domestic cat feeding in the world is seen in the USA.

*One out of every three Americans has a cat.

*Cats with mixed hair of three or more colors are female.

*When he brings home something he hunts (mouse, bug, lizard) he says “I’m a better hunter than you”.

* They like to hang out alone, except for mating. Herd psychology is not seen in cats as in dogs.

*Although a kitten is considered an adult at the age of 1, it can mate at 5 months and give birth at 7 months.

*The cat seen at the highest altitude climbed 4478 meters in the Alps.

*Cats have a 185 degree viewing angle.

*In 7 years, over 420 thousand cat population is formed from an unneutered fence cat and their kittens.

*Although hair is a problem for those who keep cats, the only hairless cat breed is the Sphynx.

*Cats are most prone to kidney diseases.

*The most expensive cat breed in the world is the Ashera and can be found at a price of around 30 thousand dollars.

*Contrary to what is known, Toxoplasma, which causes abortion in pregnant women, is not transmitted only from cats.

*There are more than 150 cat cartoon characters. The best known in the world is Tom in Tom and Jerry.

*Never as food for cats. Milk, raw fish, raw eggs should not be given.

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