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A Soldier’s Heartwarming Tale Adopting the Heroic Military Dog that Saved His Life

For Julian’s purpose, Laika was nothing more than a superhero and was determined to pay off her debt by saving him from any random danger that came his way.

When Sergeant Major Julian McDonald sent Laika, a military dog, to clear a building in Afghanistan before he entered with his team, he had no idea how much it would affect his future. As Laika’s handler, McDonald was responsible for the well-being of the Belgian Malinois during their time in the country.

In 2013 the sergeant decided to send a dog to explore the building before directing his troops to inspect the building. He had reason to believe the facility was dangerous due to the gunfire.

A cluster of gunmen identified in the building fired four rounds at Laika at very close range. Thereupon, they aimed their guns at the soldiers stationed outside. Despite his injuries, Laika managed to neutralize one of his attackers and save the soldiers’ lives.

After a grueling seven-hour operation, skilled veterinarians were able to save the dog from net death. However, the procedure required amputation of one of his legs, leaving him with only three legs. Still, the most important thing was the survival of the dog.

Pooch had to get some physiotherapy to regain his mobility after an injury, but despite the setback, he was still enthusiastic about life after receiving treatment. Unfortunately, Laika faced another challenge when she suffered another injury that compromised her remaining front leg. Rebecca Switzer, who later met Laika and her caretaker, shed light on the situation by stating that the dog had a serious injury as only one leg remained. This additional complication meant that not only was he struggling with one leg, but his remaining limb was also potentially dangerous.

When Laika first met the Swiss, they were impressed not only by her physical limitations, but also by the emotional trauma she endured during her deployment. Fascinated by the heroic actions that saved the lives of many soldiers, the soldiers generously donated to a fund set up to treat Laika’s broken claw. Fortunately, her trainer worked tirelessly to find her a loving adoptive home.

Although Laika’s background and behavior during training initially raised concerns among family members, McDonald was determined to adopt her as a pet. Fortunately, he was able to do so, and Laika transformed from an aggressive military dog into a suitable companion. As soon as Laika got home, she instantly surprised everyone by reaching out and letting McDonald’s one-year-old play on her back.

Çavuş McDonald hayatını kurtaran köpeğe şükranlarını sunarken, emekli olan yavruya huzurlu ve mutlu bir emeklilik sağlamak niyetinde. Her şeyini köpeğe borçlu olduğunu ve minnettarlığını göstermenin bir yolu olarak her anını ailesiyle geçirmeyi planladığını belirtti. National Geographic, Layka’nın bakıcısının ailesiyle ne kadar iyi uyum sağladığını gösteren ve sevdiklerinizle tereddüt etmeden paylaşabileceğiniz bir video yayınladı.

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