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Adorable Dog Is Obsessed With His New Baby Brother! (Cutest Ever!!)

Adorable Dog Is Obsessed With His New Baby Brother! 

Phil is madly in love with his new baby brother. He has to be wherever he is and watching over him, he’s concerned if he ever hears a noise he has to go and investigate! Nathan doesn’t know yet the special bond he’ll have with his furry siblings but it is just so whoolesome to watch this love story play out. Phil is so eager to be close, protect and watch over his siblings, he’s our angel in disguise. This compilation of Phil looking after Nathan had tears running down my eye. Phil is an absolute angel such a unique soul❤️❤️❤️ Both Phil and Milo really understand that babies are lovable. I guess all the other brothers are following in Phil’s and Milo’s footsteps. Seeing this scene of them really heals my heart. That little bed that you put Nathan in is so cute. I’ve never seen a bed that small before. I absolutely love how all your fur babies are so protective over their human siblings. It’s so Endearing. Love and well wishes to your entire family. ❤️ Phil laying with baby Nathan and his paw 🐾 on the blanket plus Nathan and Amelia sleeping together with Phil right there his paw again on the blanket 💙 This simply got my HEART ❤ ♥!!! What a Super Adorable vlog!!!! Joan ❤❤ You can tell the human baby instinctively knows the fur baby is a friendly one bc when Phil comes to ensure he’s okay while sleeping he doesn’t so much as flinch Phil is adorable. He is a blessing to his family. I love seeing how protective he is of Nathan and Amelia. Thanks for sharing your videos with us. Seeing these videos makes my day. Thank you. 😊 Everyone knows little ones need a nice warm Philly Bear to cuddle with.Sure, some of the fuzziness has

worn off from him being loved by others before, but he still has tons of love to give. Phil is the most precious caring baby minder ever, my heart does flip flops of love for Phil every time i see him, but watching him with the baby and Amelia is so special.💓💓💓 If Niko is a mother hen, then Phil & Milo must be father hens! All so loving & protective of their young charges. Teddy is too, but he’s taken the laid back approach, not taking anything too seriously (maybe because of his young age?). Yet you know he will have your back in a second, should you need him, without even asking him to protect you. Sweet precious PhillyBear ❣️. He always enjoys the company of your beautiful children. Phil is the perfect watch guard‼️ Oh Phil your adorable with your baby brother watching over him with ya big bear paw and he is a very special dog ❤️🐶🐶🐶🐶 Awe so cute. Poor Phil is he in any pain or discomfort with his condition. I love your family especially Phil. I follow Lord Sherpa. I saw the video when Phil met Sherpa.

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