Beware as you can have a heart attack!❤️🐱 Either because it’s too cute or scary.. - aboutcatdog

Beware as you can have a heart attack!❤️🐱 Either because it’s too cute or scary..

Beware as you can have a heart attack!❤️🐱 Either because it’s too cute or scary..

Cats, beautiful by nature !!! So, why groom? 😍 Sometimes brushing is not enough and the cat does not always collaborate, after all we are talking about cats! Free by nature !!! Although they have their ritual of cleaning through licking, this is not always enough, they will soon have hair ball vomiting, right? So every now and then we need to give them a little help, this is where the grooming comes in, complete or just hygienic, super important for the health of these beauty! And as we are talking about cats, temperamental beings and that can get stressed when they are away from home, it is super cool that you have a PET SHOP where there is a space just for them, away from dogs and with trained professionals to take good care of these cute cats ! World’s cattest cat. 😅 “Uhmmm I like this shower thing but I’m still angry”, “Yeah, right there, pet me right there but that doesn’t

mean I’m not angry anymore” I’ve watched this video about 3 times today. This cat is my favorite client. I remember him or her from a previous video as well. The poor baby is so angry about being groomed, but you can tell he or she is a total sweetheart. Look how calm he or she is when being bathed. That is a sure sign that the cat is really lovely. Most cats would GO CRAZY in a bath, but this particular cat is calm. This is one “mean” cat that I wouldn’t mind holding. Respect to the groomer! ❤️ It takes a lot of patience & gentleness to groom a cat, especially one that tries to eat your fingers, scratch your flesh off & harasses you with hisses, lol 😆

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