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Black Panther Raised By A Lady With A Rottweiler Friendship

Black Panther Raised By A Lady With A Rottweiler Friendship

No matter what animal you are, having a dog as a friend will make you happier.
Victoria is an absolute champion when it comes to raising Luna as well as she is. I cannot imagine the difficulty of caring for such an animal.
I like that they are aware of how rude they can be without hurting each other.
I think Venza had a huge impact on taming Luna. They actually have a special bond.
One of the most heartwarming stories I’ve ever seen. Luna is such a big sweet cat and Venza is a gentle Rottie. Victoria is lucky as they get along so well.
What a big heart this lady has, like beautiful animals! When will we finally appreciate our fellow humans and treat them with the love and kindness they deserve? Thank God for such dedicated people spreading love all over the world. Let’s all send our love to everyone on this precious planet that we are blessed with. Thanks for sharing this with us! I’ve been watching Luna and her family on their channel for a few months now. They did a great job raising him! Even when playing with Rottweiler Venza, he is very sensitive about his claws and teeth. What a beautiful little family!❤
If you watch the original channel, you can see that the lady who grew this little hairball is infatuated with her cat… she’s the best person in the world to raise Luna.
A little correction: Rottweiler Venza belongs to the parents of Viktoria’s husband Vladimir (Vova) — thank you to Viktoria and the channel ‘Luna_the_pantera’ for the footage — everyone who likes this video should go Viktoria’s Luna (and Venza) Subscribe for videos on YouTube for some of the best animal content on YouTube
I’m so glad I clicked it, I was in a very bad mood, down and out and this story got me up and running. I wish them a long happy life. What a wonderful co-operative life.
100% cute him as a kitten. Fully grown, 50% cute and 50% a little scary
It was so sweet seeing Venza meet baby Luna for the first time 😍😍😭😭
I’ve been watching Luna’s YouTube for a while. So sweet with venza. Glad to learn more. I don’t speak Russian, so I wasn’t sure exactly what it was. One of the comments stated that Luna was rejected by her mother, but I don’t know what else was found.
I’ve been following the adventures of Luna, Venza, and Victoria (and now her boyfriend!) as they search for new entertainment, shortly after the COVID lockdowns took place. The Venza is a real tank, making it the perfect playmate for Luna.
It’s amazing how he always keeps Luna at the perfect weight. Like most big cats that were raised in the human direction, they were never a little underweight or a little overweight. He did a great job. His best friend, the dog, actually helped him socialize.
I love the story and it’s a shame your mom left Luna. I hope the happy times will last forever for all of you and let the love come
I love what you do, I’ll look at these 2 if I have a bad day, it’s my God it’s like watching my girls play, thanks for the work you do with Luna, lots of love from Matty in Australia and I wish you a long and happy future 🇦🇺

Victoria isn’t alone in raising Luna. Victoria has a husband, Vladimir. They’re both great parents for Luna. In addition, they are not ordinary people who decide to breed panthers. Zoo never gives a wild animal to non-professional people. There are other animals they help in their videos: an owl, a small crocodile and pet cats.
I stood motionless with my kitchen sink. The entire video. As I watch with admiration and love for the theme of Venza and Luna. It is very beautiful and heartwarming for me.
This is very nice!! VICTORIA did a great job saving and raising LUNA!!
I adore Luna & Venza and watch all of their videos… they always cheer me up – what a wonderful life in sync! Victoria and her husband are wonderful, thoughtful and loving parents to the beautiful Luna. She is a very Lucky Leopard!!!
This will always be one of my favorite animal videos! I think Luna was created to coordinate with the two of you. Thanks for sharing!
It’s amazing how they forgot to mention Vova, Victoria’s husband, whom Luna loves so much!
It’s a beautiful story. The ideal way of showing patience, love and care paid off for nutrition and good health. Victoria, you did an amazing job. I hope these animals can mature with you, especially Luna. I don’t know if panthers get more aggressive as they get older because it would be a shame if you had to leave. However, until then… this is actually a great story!
Having a pet in your life makes your heart bigger. There is nothing like them, they are everything for me ❤❤ your fur babies are so beautiful
Hello Victoria. From cold Florida in America. I want to thank you very much for the wonderful videos of Luna and Venza. He looks so charming and docile that it is easy to forget that he is a wild animal as a result. I hope she always stays as cute and charming as she is now. Thanks again for sharing these great videos and a glimpse into life with Luna and Venza. I wish all the best for you.
Isn’t it a cat? What a lol EDIT: It’s amazing to see a wild animal (especially any other species) have such close ties to a dog. Sleeping in front of each other means they trust each other for their lifetimes. I’m happy that Luna has a wonderful person and dog to raise her. Black panthers are my favorite animal, as are other cats, large and small. I take care of stray cats and dogs in my neighborhood. But other animals also visit me. I can’t say no to an animal in need of help.
Amazing video, thank you so much for taking the time to create and share!!
Wow!! This is great!! Still, I always feel anxious and realize that we’ve all heard stories about tigers living with humans and at some point something goes wrong. We hope Luna remains a lovely and reliable family delegate forever.

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