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Cat was hit by the car in NYC

Cat was hit by the car in NYC

I myself am not a cat person and rather have a dog than a cat, but I still love the fact the people there actually cared about that poor cat ❤️
Awwww it sounds like he was saying “ow ow ow” poor cat I hope he’s okay!😫😱❤️💖🙌
The person that was holding the tissue against the cat’s face was shaking uncontrollably that made me genuinely feel the care they had for the cat
Everyone who stopped to help is amazing… nice to see everyone is trying to help the little kitty.
This really gives me faith on humanity..this video shows there are still people who cares and loves, not just humans themselves but animals and other living things too..the group of people with a worried expression really melted my heart and how much they cared, worried for a living thing. I really hope that cat continues living with the happiest feeling in his/her life ❤️ hope to see more people like these.
Ojala todos sintieran esta complicidad y saber que necesitan de nuestra ayuda.THAN YOU💯💯💯💯💯
Love this ❤ the guy in the suit and the woman staying by kitty melted my heart. So many people saving a cat
It warms the heart to see so many caring people for the poor kitty.
Gracias nobles y buenas personas , por ayudar a pobre gatito en aprietos 🙏♥️
I’m glad she is not going through this alone. This proves that there are still kind people who are willing to be late to or, to save an animal!
As a cat lover, this both breaks my heart but warms my heart to see so many concerned humans trying to help him or her. I know this is an older video, but thank you to all the kind hearted people who took action to help! I hope the kitty made it to the vet and made a 100% recovery! 😻🙏
I really have to say thank you very much from my heart for those people who helped this poor cat instead of leaving it alone.
Meu Deus!! O gatinho parece um astro de Hollywood. Tanto amor e respeito!!.. Não poderia mesmo ser no Brasil!!..
Poor kitty, it looked like his jaw was broken or dislocated by the way he couldn’t close his mouth. He most likely had some internal bleeding too. =/ Animal Control shouldn’t have taken THAT long to respond but it makes me happy to see people help the little guy. I hope the kitty is okay and has gone or gotten his forever home.
I know this video is old but I just found it today. Thank goodness for the people who did their best to help this poor cat. I sure hope he or she was okay. I love cats!

made me cry, thank you all for being so sweet. kitties are angels in fur, and i think he really felt the love and trusted you
God Bless the people who cared enough for the poor cat and actually helped him!
Lovely cat.. This video is 10 years old, and I saw it today.. Hope he is still alive healthy and hope good souls around cat helping him are healthy and happy too.
The amount of people offering care is wholesome I hope this cat survived and had a wonderful life
Anyone could have googled for the nearest vet, take the cat there, they will know who to call, the most important thing is to treat its injuries first.
What a nice people they were .. Very happy, the way they cared for the cat😚
I like how concerned the lady on the phone sounded (i’m guessing she wasn’t in the vid) but the love and concern given to this cat is <333
Damn, thats sad, but I feel good at the end, because this video shows that there still good people out there and really cares about helping this poor creatures, we need more people like this guys.
me gustaria que de ese modo actuaran todos siempre, en cada lugar, cada vez que haga falta. Felicito a esos personas, verdaderos heroes!💕
Its great that some ppl care about everything in this world :3 it makes me happy to see ppl helping this poor kitty 🙂 it brings tears to my eyes to see the beautiful things life can bring us
Poor baby such a beautiful little guy too! The amount of people there trying to help him and care for him was just heartwarming to see…!
Awh, sounds like hes meowing “Ow” that poor baby. I love how so many people cared and tried to help the cat out. Just wanted to give him a hug </3
Poor baby bleeding his face off! Thank you for the people who helped him/her. I can’t even watch too much of this because it’s sad. Prayers to this cat. Even though it might be dead because this was 7 years ago. Still, hopes to any person or anything who has to go though this.
Loved seeing a bunch of caring New Yorkers. Helping the poor cat. Even injured scared to it didn’t try to attack. It knew they were helping it. He remained calm even through its pain. Pissed off that animal.control or all the pet rescue people would not show up Bless all the people that helped him showed him compassion and what help they could give him!!I feel so sad & can stop crying 😢 I hope she survived thank you for those people who tried to calm her and give first aid

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