Cats Being Savage Cats Attacking People Compilation || PETASTIC 🐾 - aboutcatdog

Cats Being Savage Cats Attacking People Compilation || PETASTIC 🐾

Cats Being Savage Cats Attacking People Compilation || PETASTIC 🐾

Fun fact: Staring / glaring at cats give them a sign of hostility, thus if they feel threatened they’ll attack. Instead, look at them with softer eyes. Blink at least once or twice gently as these are signs of affection. They’ll return you with a blink if they trust and like you enough. 😸
Looks like the white cat chasing the girl dressed up like Batman was just protecting it’s house from what it thought was an intruder. Good kitty
I was dead laughing at the one that the lady said “stop that is rude” then start slapping each other 😂😂😂😂😂
You can actually tell that the cats were being gentle with the babies because they didn’t use claws just smacked them to establish boundaries
“Gee, I wonder how much I can invade my cat’s personal space and irritate it before I get scratched in the face.” -most of these people
I love how cats know to tuck their paws when smackin babies up… it’s giving “ I said leave me tf alone… but I don’t want to hurt you”
That is NOT an attack. That was the cat rubbing its face on the hair of that boy. That’s an act of friendliness.
I’ve had my cat for 6 years and he’s never behaved like this. Even when I Irritate him sometimes with kisses. He’s so chill and well mannered ❤❤❤
Kinda sad that so many cat owners don’t make the effort to understand their animals.
I love that these cats are getting labeled as jerks when 85% of the clips are either people messing with them or getting up in their business.
I love how cats 1st instinct is to throw paws and be about that life.
It does my heart good to see these cats trying to defend themselves against their tormenting and abusive humans.💕

Whenever my cat shows discomfort or irrigation I just put him down and or allow him to pull away from me. It’s how we developed so much love and trust for each other. He still doesn’t like to be held for a long time but he knows he can get away safety whenever he needs/wants to
😆 this is proof cats have boundaries too. I’ve also seen videos of cats protecting their owners from other animals and other people. They can be loving and courageous at times too.
a reminder to every cat owner: just because theyre cute and cuddly doesnt mean they dont have boundaries, dont act so shocked when you push it
Oddly this is one of the reasons I like cats. They aren’t automatically affectionate 24/7. You enjoy your moments with them and it’s kinda funny when your cat smacks you out of nowhere. It’s also fun to annoy them c’mon.
Cats are very protective of their personal space. Touching and cuddling needs to be on their terms.

All of the cats in this video did a wonderful job of communicating before choosing to become aggressive/playful. The people just didn’t listen to them.It actually irritates me how people will just pick up and hug a cat that clearly ain’t interested in it. One of my cats likes being held but he’ll do most of the lifting himself by clinging onto my shoulder. He doesn’t want to feel grabbed and I just let him down when he wants. Loves it
It’s amazing how they know to hold back. My cat sometimes nibbles on my hands when playing and it’s interesting how he knows how hard he can bite without being too rough. It’s my first cat and we’ve been living together for about 2 months. He’s the best.
I’ve never owned a cat but it turns out that if their owners don’t give up on this habit, which annoys their cats, makes them mad and invades their personal space they will be slapped more than their cats…
My cat used to be the most tolerable, sweet baby, she would barely swat at a fly but as age sets in, she’s more and more like these kitties😂

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