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Cow Leaving Its Breed Dog

Cow Leaving Its Breed Dog

And doesn’t this story make your heart grow 10 times more alive than before? God bless the farmer.
Am I the only one who shed tears of happiness for this precious pup and this poor mother cow? Very happy!
It’s a very real, non-egoistic love. She was having a hard time meeting him, but his family was unhappy and will make him work because he has a very picky heart. God bless this man for having such a kind and considerate heart to those whose voice is quiet and vulnerable. Please may the LORD reward his love and kindness with no burdens to feed and shelter his family. Amen in the name of Jesus.
I am willing to buy feed / food for 1 year for both cow and dog so that the owner can keep them together without financial difficulties. “My heart” oh my god! I am serious.! You may call me an idealist, but love and justice can still heal us all. Animals can teach us a lot. Peace and love to all of these comments.
Her crying broke my heart! Thank you for buying it back! I think he was upset too. But the dog SHOWED how desperately he wanted her back! Her roar at the sight of him was a cry of happiness.
The way that dog cried melted me instantly. Oh dear. You could hear the pain and love in the dogs’ cry. There is a deep love for the cow and the comfort they give each other. My little dog shows his love in his eyes. There’s no denying that dogs love it there. I hope they are happy and thank you very much for bringing them together again. Arrow!
I won’t lie, this broken heart can’t stop crying thank you for reuniting her with her mother bless you
Endless gratitude and respect to this man. In order that his dog realizes and understands what he is trying to say and has a heart. thanks sir. from Arizona
Wow, it made me cry… now see the love and loyalty the two have. They both have so much more love. I’ve seen this before and it shattered me. I hope the two of them are around and together as they should be. They both show affection for each other with tons of love. Much love ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤Animals are trusted for their love and emotions.
I have no words for this… My tears of happiness after seeing this little dog joined by the mother cow. It’s a love that money can’t buy ️ ️ There are certain things one can learn from this. That’s why 🇮🇳ns treat cows as a Sacred Animal and call her Mother…. I’m proud to be a Hindu… Jay Shri Ram 🇮🇳Oh my God, Holy cow!! While watching this video, I can’t hold back my tears, especially when I hear the baby cry and see the tears in its eyes, my God… such a sweet love is growing that even between the hearts of two different animals, they are more human. May he protect their hearts and lives more than people, and bless their owner, who has a thoughtful, compassionate and lovely heart, to bring them together again, thank you very much to the owner of these animals.
It touches the heart so much… these animals have so much love… we humans cannot do the same on earth for the sake of… my heart is crying while watching the dog 🥺🥺❤️
oh my god!! 💔💔💔That little dog and cow must never be separated!! It was heart wrenching to thank you for letting them be together.😭❤❤❤
Thank you for sharing this beautiful video with us. Lord, bless you, for you have a heart of diamonds, not gold! If I knew you, I would fall at your feet! This video made me both sad and happy; Sad at the beginning, happy at the end. God bless you and the wonderful animals🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤❤
Thanks for getting it back! You are a great man! He was very happy 🥰This makes me very happy. I wish you many blessings
We can never give enough credit to a dog’s devotion. I lost my oldest JRT this week. When I came home after being away from him for a week, I found him on the verge of death. It literally lasted long enough to say goodbye to me.

It’s heartbreaking but there’s forever joy for the dog and mother cow. You see how loyal animals are, even other animals have precious love 🙏❤️😘
God bless your entire species forever and protect you from the evil of the human species. I hope you are always together.🤗❤💋
After watching such videos, eyes fill with tears. I can understand the pain of being separated from loved ones because for now my father placed me in a dormitory when I was 6 years old.
It’s great to see the love between them, but it’s even more pleasing to see the action of the owner who made this video the most fun when they start living happily as a result. Hats off to the owner.
It’s nice to see that even today there are people who can come in contact with love and emotions ❤️ otherwise this world seems to be getting numb and limiting itself from year to year
A cow is one of the best animal mothers to feed and nurture everyone, ❤ hats off to you sir. I’ve watched this before but her heart still melts when the puppy doesn’t even want to eat, and the cow patiently waits for her mother, wondering if they need to be separated from each other for good reason.
I’m sorry they broke up… But I’m glad the owner realized how worried the dog (and possibly the cow too) was, and brought it back, even though it struggled to feed the cow…
It’s a beautiful story, I hope they never part again. If you want a real example of what true love looks like. Here it is.
The dog touches my heart! Very happy ending! Love is love, it never ends no matter what!👍💕💕💕
My god! You can see that they can’t live without each other. And I’m so glad the owner brought it back. I hope the old man doesn’t have any financial difficulties from now on to raise all his cows and pets.🐕🐄👴
One suggestion: The video will have more impact without editing such as slow motion. It will feel more spontaneous and natural. A strong story on its own.
This video brought me to tears, what an unconditional love. We humans should love everyone, every person with the same heart.💓
What a beautiful story. It brought tears to my eyes. I guess I’m a sucker for love. Blessings and much joy to all three of you. Sir, you are a champion and the dog is very beautiful and cute.
Thanks for telling this story. It’s more proof of what we know that animals create and honor resilience. Until now, I had no doubts about their love, loyalty and appreciation for their human friends. I now feel the possibility that bonds with other animals will be as strong as family. What a wonderful thing to see and think about. Millions of thanks for this movie. I will be back again.
😭😭😭😭 I don’t know why people say that animals don’t have feelings. I used to believe that animals have more feelings and are more meticulous than cruel people.
Dogs are the most emotional and affectionate creatures. Just look into their eyes. It speaks of love and purity. Their loyalty is incomparable. Dogs may love you madly. I will never understand this evil world… How they treat dogs so badly. Dogs are the creatures most similar to humans when it comes to experiencing and expressing love. They may actually actually love you and be with you for the rest of their lives. They are even more loyal than people who betray or cheat every day. If you show them love and respect, they can give it back 100% more. They can even save our lives.
Love is pure and certain, love is reaching God. The mother is the ocean of love and dogs are good seekers. 💐💐💐Thank you so much for sharing 💐💐💐

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