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Cute Dog Can’t Stop Hugging Their Human – Best Animals Show Love Videos

Cute Dog Can’t Stop Hugging Their Human – Best Animals Show Love Videos

There’s nothing like watching cute animal videos to put a smile on your face and fill your heart with pure joy.🥰
El que no ama a los animales no sabe lo que se pierde .fieles , cariñosos y te aman tal como sos
2:47 A dog mimicking his owner’s broken leg. Now THAT was priceless! LMAO 😂😂😂
Primera vez que veo un vídeo tan lindo con esos peludos, que las gente los quiere tanto si todos fuéramos así ellos fueran tan felices porque dan tanto cariño que se merecen todo el amor del mundo felicitaciones a esa personas
Todos pasamos momentos inolvidables con nuestros bebés de 🐾🐾❣️..Amor sincero…
São fofos demais, só quer carinho e amor , n tem maldade nenhuma no coração como os humanos
Sim, é o AMOR.
Somos TODOS mais felizes com eles, nossos pets.
Agradecer por tê-los, pois nos ensinam muito.Dogs do the cutest and funniest things. Thanks for the upload!!! So precious!! LOL!
PURE 💘LOVE 💘❤💕if humans could love the way our critters love…there would be no hate or horror in the world…
This is absolutely beautiful, they are all lovely pets,kudos to the owner😂😂😂😂
I just absolutely love these videos about the love that pets and their parents share 💖❤️💕
I am very happy for the people who have pets, it’s so beautiful relationship between human and animals people 😍😍😍😍😍💕💝💝💕
These videos just show how really loving and sweet dogs are 🐾🥰 they love unconditionally they are sweet they are very loyal and they can be very funny,I know that the cat I adopted from a shelter loves me and we are bonded for life.
It’s hilarious when dogs got a hold of your shoe or they will steal your shoe try to chase them down 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Geweldig on te zien mooi en prachtig, er zijn ook nog goede mensen die van hun dier houden …gelukkig ❤❤
I 💕dogs we have 3 🥰🥰🥰💕 5 months old , 12 years old and 13,5 years old 🥰🥰🥰💕
Pure ❤️ love. All these will warm your heart. Except the video man cussing his pet I guess he thinks it cute but shows his ignorance.
Very true feel like having like such doggies amazing beautiful incredible no words to describe love you all n the doggies God bless you all 💕 ❤️
Just like my joan and bonita. Joan loves to be lifted and hugging and back riding.
Soooo cute!!! My poor German Shepherd stays with me 24/7, have stalker (suppose to be a cop in Tx.) who (I’VE SEEN ABUSE WHILE SHE WAS ASTROTRAVELING!) ABUSES MY POOR DOG, SO I NEVER LEAVE HIS SIDE! AND HE LOOKS FOR ME WHEN HE WAKES UP!!!!!!
I absolutely the lady who was trying to get the snow board and declaring it was her turn. That was so funny. 🤣
I’m really sorry but I just can’t warm up to a hairless cat. I’m sure they have normal cat tendencies but not having fur is too unnatural.Omg I have a shitzu that climbs up on my lap and putts his head up cause he wants you to kiss his neck. He doesn’t stop. Then he puts his paws on your shoulders to hug. He does this everyday all day. He falls asleep like this. Oh and his name is olaf
could I have not picked a better name for him. I ❤️ dogsLeute , lest eure Hunde !!!
Die Mehrheit der Hunde zeigt hier Unwohlsein , Beschwichtigungssignale , Stress…
Ihr macht euch hier einen ” Spaß ” auf Kosten der Hunde 😡 !!!
z. B. der große schwarze Hund , der wie ein Baby , Bauch nach oben , gehalten wird…er schmatzt u. schluckt…Hunde hassen es , so getragen zu werden…
Ich will hier niemandem die Freude am Hund nehmen…die meisten Szenen sollten allerdings die Ausnahme sein , sonst machen deine Tiere mit dir , was sie wollen…so z. B. der Mann mit den Doggen / Sofa…” Nein ” ” Nein ” …lächel , lächel…der Hund merkt sofort , da steckt nix ernstes dahinter…der nimmt sein Herrchen gar nicht ” für voll “…das findet niemand lustig…der Hund auch nicht…
Szene 13.34…da wird ein zwickender Haustyrann angezüchtet…🙄
Sämtliche Rottweiler Szenen , ab 20.58 , finde ich unerträglich…🥺
Regeln und Respekt…?????

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