Dog Reaction to Cutting Cake 🤣 - Funny Dog Cake Reaction Compilation | Pets House - aboutcatdog

Dog Reaction to Cutting Cake 🤣 – Funny Dog Cake Reaction Compilation | Pets House

Dog Reaction to Cutting Cake 🤣 – Funny Dog Cake Reaction Compilation | Pets House

OMG!! Too cute!! Love the one where the big dog grabs smaller dog by tail and gets him the hell outta there!! Hahaha.. our canines are truly intelligent creatures. Love them all…💕
Lol I like how the Dogs just open the gates, goes inside of them, and then closes it.
Are we just gonna ignore that these dogs can open and close doors??? Including the normal wooden doors, not just the cages.
The best one for me was when the dog grabbed it’s puppy and was like ”lets get out of here before we get murdered too 😂😂😂
Oh that mother dog thinking with calm, opening the door and then on a sudden ramp dragging out her baby by the tail in a husstle… got me at that moment .
The mum and puppy. Come on kid we’re outta here 🤣🤯🐾
That husky was a very smart dog since it realized it was cake not a real dog and brought it’s food bowl.

The husky was probably like: It’s cake time!I like how these dogs are trying to close the door as fast as they can
OMG the one that got me the most was the one with the golden retriever seeing the guy hold the butcher’s knife towards the dog cake open the door and dragged his puppy out lol😭😭😭😭😭Wow the golden retriever knows how to close the door . Wish my dogs were like that 🐕🐕🐕
São treinados né
Coitadinho do último cachorro achou que tinha acertado mais a. CARINHA DELE KKKK 💚One time I bought a toy newborn kitten that did tiny meows. My cats seemed intrigued by it at first, but when they smelled it they realized it wasn’t real.the smartest dog here was the husky who knew it was a cake and actually SMELLED it!

When he quietly opened the door and dragged his child with him and closed it 😎😂
That is so funny the dog running back to its kennel and then another one went to grab his bowl. Can’t stop laughing
😂😂🤣😂😂 i love the part where they cut the cake with a

butcher knive and the dogs like lets get out here😂😂😂😂. Funny thing happened before he started watching me
If they have no choice😂Melhor reacoes de animais q vi kkkkkkk o bom foi ele abriu aporta e ainda salvou seu amigo e fechoi a porta kkkkkkkk
This is funny sometimes but my fav bit was that one dog just got a dog bowl and was just waiting for cake not knowing that was a dog cake 😂
Kk Gostei da parte que o cachorro puxa o outro pra , dentro foi fofo mas também foi legal😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
the one who decides to drag his buddy away was pretty funny…they know something is not right!
that’s hilarious but at the same time so offensively harsh , even more so when you can’t explain to the pups that it is cake and ice cream and not a real puppy … i cannot imagine how the dogs will see their owners from that point on lol.
3:23 is so beautiful yaarrrr… Kyuki wo to samaj gaya aur door bhi khud khola aur dusre ko bhi saath le gaya 😃
0:15 I love how the dog didn’t want any business so tried to lock him self up in the cage LOL
Its pretty funny how one of the dogs put their bowl near the cake as if they wanted some
So cute and funny esp one of the husky bring his bowl to have the cake 🤣


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