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Dogs Taking Care of New Born Baby Cute Dogs Rottweiler

Dogs Taking Care of New Born Baby Cute Dogs Rottweiler

in this video my rottweiler dog and my rottweiler puppy are defending or spending time with my newborn baby. one of the best rott videos. They are cute dogs and very loyal dogs. If you like the video, please like it. and be part of our family and subscribe to THE ROTT , THE ROTT SHORTS. THANKS My Rottweiler is now on duty to keep my newborn baby safe. dog cares for newborn baby the rott letest video. Rottweilers are overprotective of their owners. This video is very funny Try not to make it impossible. reviewreloaded views can also watch this Video

Smart dogs. My dog understands different languages when I talk to him ❤❤.
My name is Richard Chang from Alexandria Virginia USA. I love how Jerry and another dog look at the sleeping baby in the mount and another dog on the left. They are very sweet.
They’re so sweet, Jerry and Oggy are good babysitters. I love Jerry very much. I’m glad your paw is better. Anshu will be a good mother later. Your baby cares about Jerry and Oggy. Aaru is a little angel, god bless you all. Jet van Keken from the Netherlands with love
Absolutely beautiful video. Love Jerry and Oggy. Very well trained. Wonderful. I miss my dogs too. Anshu, you’re very smart about babies and dogs. Good luck to you all. Stay safe and keep warm. ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️🇿🇦Jerry’s intelligence is very high, he can easily understand what’s going on.
Oh my god, they’re so cute babies and smart at the same time. I love dogs😘❤🧿
Dogs are loyal, everyone knows 👌👌👌🥰👌 but keeping the kid with them is a bit risky bcz the animal mode can change at any moment 🤔🤔 but I love your intelligence dogs🥰
Please take care of the baby while making these videos. My heart was pounding as you walked up the stairs.
I’ve been seeing urs vdo for a long time… Your feelings for your dog is an advanced hat off Lots of love to both Jerry n Oggy newborn baby and Jerry Oggy’s whole family Radhe Radhe Jai Mata Di ❤️ 🙏❤️ 🕉️
Aw….why are you making fun of Jerry and Oggy so much? They’re so cute..Jerry and Oggy how wildly they were looking for babies…so loving, loyal and reliable💕💕
With Anshu Beto, Kids Godbless, you will be a very good mother as we see you are doing very well.
No matter how good these dogs were, I would never leave the baby alone with them.
This is a cute scene. But no matter how clean and immaculate the dogs are, I prefer not to keep the baby with them. The baby is young and the chances of getting an infection are high, it can be extremely contagious, especially when you hold the dog’s limb above the baby, so please be very concerned.
Better choice anshu … teach play with Aaru and do all … she will be happy and learn all the good from you .. colorful bathroom feeding play different games Include jerry and oggy
I’ve never seen this type of dog before I love you too Jerry I need this dog where I need it

Your dog, your sweet and wonderful dog, God bless you, the God of the baby animal, the child, the help of people
OMG oggy kitna bada ho gaya hai and kuch months mein jerry jitna bada ho jayega aap logo ko mess nhi hota ki kaun jerry hai and kaun oggy🤣
I love rotten dogs. I had a rotten dog but that Jerry toh khud ghode bech kar soo rha hai wo kese dhyan rkhega baby ka…
dogs ka kabhi bharosa nahi hota bachhai ko door rakho humare yaha Aisa haadsa ho rakha hai apnea dogs se
died the day before. I’m so sorry for that. I am from Sri Lanka. Friends, please do not leave your newborn children to animals. Despite being very loyal and close to its owner, animals are animals. please leave such things
Kafi Sundar o dog care bhi hote o aro hot ache bhi par bacheko yesa mat rakho galtise ke jali liye usme haath nikala to nakhan bhi sakta he bacheko
Yaar bachche ko lekar sidhi pe mat bhaago video ke chakkar me baby gir sakta hai khayal rakho

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