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Emotional reunion of owner and dog stolen for over 4 months

Emotional reunion of owner and dog stolen for over 4 months

“Bandit is a Malinois dog born on 7 May 2020, plucked from its owner. Poor thug, he’s a year old from now on. It was stolen on September 15, 2023, when the boy was 4 months old. The police found him through his microchip. They instantly found its owner, who lived hundreds of kilometers away. During the phone call, they heard the owner talking on the phone, and after 8 months of separation, he is very excited and happy to find his dog. Second, it starts restoring Bandit instantly. A beautiful and emotional meeting for the entire staff, Bandit and his father.”

Missing dog stolen once only 4 months after it started. The bandit was standing off leash 310 country miles from where he once lived. Fortunately, the Bandit was once (finally) equipped with a microchip that could still be related to its owner.

Four months later, a stolen dog has finally found its owner: A moment captured with poignant footage has surfaced online. A reunion was possible through SPA Montpellier, an association led by the Animal Protection Federation.

Self-funded by donations and inheritance, the non-profit association has been active since 2010 in the municipality of Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, in the province of Hérault in the Occitanie region. The Montpellier MM SPA shelter welcomes abandoned, abused or stray dogs and cats, providing them with a comfortable and friendly space.

The thief, the name of the dog whose name was stolen, was found hundreds of kilometers away from his home, thanks to the organization he organized and finding his owner, Farid. SPA Montpellier, who attended the touching meeting, recorded the happy ending story on Facebook.

A meeting has been set. As a result of the dog shelter’s extraordinary lifesaving conditioning, the magnificent Samaritans and microchip, the Bandit and Farid look forward to reuniting and co-ordinating with a few other conditions.

Farid couldn’t help but go to pick the Bandit. “Generally, I am grateful to everyone identified as contributing to the meeting. I cannot fully stress the importance of chopping your puppy. Dwelling bandits was once one of the happiest days of my existence, Falid argued.

As you can see from the videotape below, it’s a generally stunning and entertaining meeting for all the staff, the Bandit and the owner.

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