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Family dumped this dog because they didn’t want him anymore

Family dumped this dog because they didn’t want him anymore

So happy for these two! His family that left him is bad.
What a wonderful family they are. I usually fall in love with the dog, but this time I also fell in love with the owner. His love for his son is evident in his every word. I am very happy for both!
I love this lady! Makes this dog feel loved and happy! Thank you to this wonderful lady ❣️🐶
How could anyone want a baby boy like Hendrix who is too big, too big, too big, I’m glad a loving family found a home with him.
He has a big heart and so does his family! She’s so sweet and I agree, how could anyone leave her?! Glad she found a happy home and loved it. 💙
I can’t imagine how someone could give up on a family member. They didn’t deserve it. Bless you for saving this beautiful child! ️ !😍 ❤💙 💜
How people treat animals says a lot about their character.
“He understands me more than some people.” Very true! All my furry babies understand me better than ANY person! laugh out loud. Gorgeous dog boy. Beautiful family.
He is a TREASURE and an absolute treasure! Did he have to be so loyal to his last owners that BLASTED him onto the streets?!?!? What does this do to a person? Of course, dogs are humans too. This kind of betrayal should hurt his core and yet he found himself to belong to you in his heart and was VERY happy about it. You are both very fortunate to have found each other, and best wishes for a long and happy future.
Thank goodness this lady and pup found each other! They are perfect together! Giving him the beautiful life he deserves!!!❤
Kay, you found Hendrix just in time. Thank you for opening your heart and home to him. He has the best smile. Your grandchild and friend are a great blessing for him as well. I know it gives you so much comfort and support. Seeing this both touched me and boosted my morale.
To be honest, I’m happy with their decision that they didn’t want him anymore, as a result he came to a home where he would be loved and cared for forever ❤️ ❤️. Thank you for saving this wonderful dog and sharing your life with him.
I don’t know about you, but seeing HENDRIX, after going through the worst abandonment, all the love he rightfully deserves from his glorious new family made my day! Thank you for giving Hendrix and Nala a happy home!
Who would do such a terrible thing, abandon such a precious wealth? We can only imagine how he must have felt abandoned. God bless him and his new family!
I melted the moment she said, “When you look at her, she’s beautiful” and looks at her with those loving eyes. I’ve been wanting a pittbull for years, but I’m waiting for the right time and it’s because I don’t want to own another one.
Hendrix is so happy to be adopted and rescued from this wonderful lady and family line! He’s such a cute boi! How could anyone leave him?!
You have the best temperament I’ve ever seen, a beautiful personality for sure, and you’re blessed to live for that smile
I am so happy that you were able to save this beautiful and loving dog. It just makes you wonder what’s wrong with the original owners… there’s no doubt a very sad story in that line of the equation. But you and your lovely furry friend are the lucky ones. I’m also happy that you made him a friend. The two of them look very happy together.

This video hits close to the heart! We raised a scumbag named Murphy under similar circumstances 16 years ago. We adopted Murph because we finally fell in love with him. Murph and Hendrix physically functioned as twins and had similar personalities. We lost Murph on 2/2022 @ 15 and although he has lived a long, productive/happy life, the void left behind by his absence is still huge.
How can people get rid of him like that?! I am grateful that there are kind people who are willing to love and comfort Hendrix ♥️ ♥️
Hendrix’s smile is contagious. She deserves the beautiful life she has now. Thanks to the lady who adopted him when he was about to be euthanized. “Rescue dogs are not broken dogs.” They only need time, patience and love to heal. When trust and faith come back, you’ll wonder who saved whom. “Hendrix” is a perfect example of this! “Never stay upright until you bend down to help an animal.” Bless you for saving Hendrix, being PAWsome’s guardian, and making his big heart so happy! May you have many fun-filled years full of co-ordinated health and joy! full
Considering how close the beautiful Hendrix was to being knocked down for no reason! It feels weird to call a random place “shelter” that kills healthy animals. Thank God he adopted him and saved his life and made a faithful friend for ever!
THANKS for giving her a wonderful new life ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ 🐕🐕🐕Hendrix, you are a rock star.
I admit that I don’t always enjoy walking past such a strong dog unless I know its owner to be reliable, but with that big head and those tiny eyes, I couldn’t resist hugging him, he’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, he looks like a teddy bear.
That ‘one-browed’ baby boy Hendrix is a true beauty; with a big smile. We wish your beautiful family a happy “new” life with co-ordination and we agree on the subject of “you are created to be coordinated”. Our adopted dog, Chevy, has surely made our lives more wonderful, and to begin with, it was already beautiful. A famous quote we love: “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole”; Animal welfare advocate Roger Caras👍This is a great rescue story and a shame for the cruel people who abandoned that beautiful dog! Yet after that he has a new life and a big smile with his wonderful new mother, kids and friends.
What a wonderful dog, so vulnerable and loving, what a wonderful person to see him as he is… an absolute angel on earth and what a wonderful story. She knows him very well. Respect.
I found it odd that he was scheduled for euthanasia, and it broke my heart. He had a microchip and his soulless family threw him on the streets. You would think that the shelter would do anything possible to find him a home without considering euthanasia. I do not understand this. I’m so glad this woman saved him.

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