fun animals | Cute cats and dogs 2023 Part 3 - aboutcatdog

fun animals | Cute cats and dogs 2023 Part 3

fun animals | Cute cats and dogs 2023 Part 3

I lived next to a Rottweiler who did the same thing! He would come every day to play and rub his nose and mouth (and/or tongue) against the glass until someone noticed him. Then when we did he would start licking the door.

Like this or cuter? But what precious kittens 💕 😻💕💕 😍 , puppies 🐕💕😍😍😘💕💕😍and pigs, little birds and little goats, in short, they are all beautiful and tender.💗

happier ☺️ The cat is a very beautiful, intelligent animal. But I don’t think the cat thinks it’s behind the mouse. Best wishes. Lots of light for all cats

The heart rejoices when you watch such a video that it has a positive effect on our health. After all, it IS WRITTEN: “A cheerful heart is a good medicine ..”

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