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Funny Cat And Dog Videos!

Funny Cat And Dog Videos!

like horse! 👍 We have only the best collections of unreal funny videos about cats, dogs and other animals!
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One of the few videos of pets I’ve seen where the animals are not showing any signs of stress but are just having fun. Really made me smile – thanks. Ah, cats in shoe boxes He looked at how the dog howled at the siren and remembered his friend’s father, the Spaniard Dan, who would always say when he heard the siren: Dan, this is the police!

And then it turned out that at the word “police” Dan began to howl, depicting a siren. They would always show this trick to the guests. Excellent! They definitely cheer me up. ( : I have a couple of budgies and a little fluffy four-legged son who always makes me smile. Thanks for posting this video.

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