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Funny Cats invited to the Dog

Funny Cats invited to the Dog

I wonder how hard you tried to make it happen, it’s so good it made me cry
I love the arrangements it’s so cute and good also the art is sooooooo precious at the end
The part where Michael wants to sneak out of the motel but sees Bob’s post almost made me cry, best video ever.
Pug is just the cutest thing! And I like that they’re friends instead of going to the animal shelter.
Michael is so cute!!! When I saw your Aaron video, I felt like I wanted this gray cat!!! I wish the best for your future purpose!!!! Stay blessed!!!
Bro, this is my fav one, y’all keep stepping up a level, this is one of the best so far! keep it up!
Those 7 minutes 51 seconds felt so gripping as if I was watching a movie. It’s very memorable.
I like your content. As catchy as it is refreshing! It made me subscribe to your channel so fast that it’s worth mentioning that the main attraction is Michael’s expression (although it’s a visual effect). keep up the good work👍
I’m one of the few Spanish speakers but when I saw this content as a kid I was fascinated and even more so now.
hello Aaron! I love all your videos and animals, especially Michael (no offense to Phil) but I love this road trip video the most 😀
A bond with an animal of unconditional love and care is always pure and special. Love from Steve, meowvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv my cat bro and me. While I was sad to see the result that I had failed in 1 issue a few days ago; Steve understood my Cat Brother body language and consoled me by playing with me to put a smile on my face. He is my true companion, my Brother, my God, my Savior, my inspiration and motivation, my Best True Friend, My Best Professor, My Idol, My Role Model. 🐾😻♥️ 🐶✌️
I’m not bored of this video, I’m in love with paws and I help them, I have a few kittens and puppies that I have adopted
XD XD I love how the donuts got into the police car after Michael threw them out the window!! This video is so cute!!
Thank you so much for this MASTERPIECE, I pray you send it to eternity!
Your videos can make everyone feel better! All these cute dog and cat outfits must be a little expensive. Anyone help you make them? Or do you buy in bulk? Laugh out loud!
Before watching I was crying a lot because I thought I would pass my exams and lose all my friends from school there, then I found the video interesting and wanted to watch the video and it was basically like I was crying a lot. it made me cry more but with joy and because i have a boxer too and i love him
This came out on my YouTube homepage and out of curiosity I clicked on the video link and this is one of the funniest and cutest videos I’ve ever seen.👍🏻
Sheriff: Ma’am, on behalf of Clark County, we want to thank you, have a good day! He continues to get in the car, leaving Bob and Michael in the middle of nowhere with no way home except to walk the 1,000 miles. Love your job keep it up!

I love bb just popping up on the train and he doesn’t care if his girlfriend is there lol
This movie is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Cute, interesting and funny. I wish the author good luck! greetings from russia
MY GOD! This is probably my 50th watch of this and I realized that Bob was in tears when he tapped Michael on the shoulder and said goodbye.
🤣🤣❤I love this so cute and funny. 🤣❤ special treats from BS reality great 🤣🤣minutes have arrived. Keep up the great sketches
This was epic! It could be a movie! I wanted to see Aaron’s face to find out that Michael adopted a dog when he got back from vacation😆
I love that cat’s eyes. What a smart and cute channel. I miss having a pet cat. These men, cats and dogs filled the void.
This actually shows how beautiful friendship can actually be. What a meaningful and glorious video Aaron!
What a beautiful story of friendship and solidarity, they supported each other even in difficult times.
This video reminds me of the old movie “milo and Otis” but no animal abuse. I love it!
I was touched when I saw the dogs and cats, friends, don’t forget to keep your spirits
Very nice series. It is a pity that I do not speak English and do not understand what is the result ((((
I love the story even though it’s not talking you know the story
What a great short film, I learned that you can still connect no matter what creature, what breed, what race, wherever you live, so I cried.
I liked the video that made me learn that friendship is better than begging someone for money.
Anyway, they rested 🐩🐱. But I’m silent about the car subject🤫

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