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Funny Dogs and Cats Video Compilation

Funny Dogs and Cats Video Compilation

O gatinho da minha filha sabe que ela não gosta que ele tome leite só porque a lata é 50,00 reais. O’que eu confesso sou cúmplice ele deixava quando morava junto nos duas, ela entrava no banheiro ele subia no meu colo bebia o meu leite na xícara e voltava pra mesma posição que estava…This is the best compilation I have seen in a while 👍 these cute four legs funny vids are the best Dogs at 3:18 and 3:48, remind me of my first dog. I took her to mobile vet to het shots, and while we were waiting, she just kept whining. When the tech finally came out, she asked “Was that your dog?”, cowering I replied “Yes”. Note: my dog was a Pitbull.
Ya no me molesto en ver películas de Comedia, veo los vídeos de estos “canijos” y me parto 🤣
Seeing and hearing those poor puppies cry in anticipation of those needles was heartbreaking, although I especially loved the husky who was flying inbetween those upstairs rooms.
Dog: smashes front door down to retrieve said bottle of water! 😂
Hi new friend here thanks for sharing this very funny stress reliever entertaining video. fullpack support done thank u and god speed
Brilliant 😂 I think so many of these dogs need exercise as they have too much energy🤔🇿🇦💯👌😂
What an interesting and kind channel, prosperity and well-being to you! I would like to present you another kind channel about animals, the name is do good Mr. Efremov, where Natalya saves animals, they are very well fed, well-groomed and very beautiful. Come and help whoever can: who likes, who comments, who watches. Thank you.

I love watching Casper, use it to make more videos, but someone ruined them
to laugh? I really miss everything about your “amazing compilation”!
How funny is it that animals sometimes experience their situation in complete panic, in fear of death?
Probably the more despicable: who is filming and distributing, users who put the material in a different context and use it for profit, make fun, or (as you promised) completely off-limits – “put a radiant smile on your face””.
…and what’s the point of this bloated, greasy video description, is your target group the coffee outing crowd? One of the best Video,s ever seen .
Thank you for your work.
I love doggys. But now i like cat a little bit. Thank you very much ❣💝♾🙏🏻🍀💝♾❣ DOGS AND CATS.. CATS AND DOGS ARE CUTE. WE CONTACTED MANY OF OUR CRAZIES.
EL ULTIMO;QUE te calls te digo,que te calles y dejes,de molestar,,queee te calllessss,,,toma,toma y toma 😅🤣😂el cobarde a su hueco ja,ja,ja chistosisimo gracias buen video 👏👏👏 👏👏I’m so funny when I see videos about animals, dogs and cats
And do not scare them with terrible masks, these animals are mockery, you can not do this, otherwise you will be punished !!!

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