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German Shepherd Puppy and Kitten Playing [TRY NOT TO LAUGH]

German Shepherd Puppy and Kitten Playing [TRY NOT TO LAUGH]

Hey guys, do you like kittens and puppies? And if they are together in one video? Watch a German Shepherd puppy named Rocky play with a kitten named Simon. We hope you enjoy this video, subscribe to Rocky! Lovin’ the retriever checking on them, saying “ok, break it up you guys!” Lovin’ the kitten showing its belly and those ears on the puppy. Their cuteness knows no bounds! I wasn’t so much laughing as I was truly enjoying the love shared by those two. They’re completely aware that neither of them means any harm to the other, and both being so young is perfect. They’ll grow up and still stand by each other’s side. It’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing this! I must add though, when the kitten fell off the couch I definitely chuckled! Pure innocence! ❤❤❤ I love how Mommy is right there making sure bro isn’t gettin’ a little to rough with little baby sister! Amazing! Thank you all so much for being the best pet parents!

loving how the retriever comes to them like a mama boss saying, “All right, kids. Not too rough otherwise I’ll have to break you up” then the puppy German shepherd jumps at Bailey, basically showing attitude. This is soooooo cute.
Oh how sweet are the 2 babies play with each other, so adorable. The golden Redriver is a so kind and friendly dog, so gentle and careful when He play with them. ♥ Thanks alot for uploading. Best regards from Austria 🇦🇹

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