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German Shepherd Puppy Wakes up Lazy Cat

German Shepherd Puppy Wakes up Lazy Cat

Simon is the coolest cat ever 😹👍 It takes quite a long time for him to react to the floppy ear 😾 Jessie was a very cheeky and persistent puppy, but also incredibly cute 🥰❤🐾 What a good cat! it is amazing how he keeps trying to sleep while Jessica licks him and paws at him.. Obviously used to being pestered by dogs, having grown up with them. Acabo de morir de amor 💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️ . Una puppy Jessie que es para comerla a besos 🤗😍🥰 y un Simon haciendo honor al verdadero perezoso😻. Una delicia 💖💝💫🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 Simon se crío con Rocky, siendo puppies and jugado hasta el cansancio y por ende, ahora Simon entiende esa esencia por la cual pasa todo cachorro, jugar, jugar y jugar. Ellos no son como los humanos, no tienen maldad, Jessie es juguetona y así fue Simon con Rocky. Como pueden decir que Jessie lo intimida maleficamente a Simon? Qué mente siniestra es la humanidad! Por suerte la inocencia perdurará en los animales.

If the cat is your human child and the dog is the neightbor’s kid, when you see your neightbor’s kid is bullying and harassing your child, would u still laugh about it and say this is “cute” or “adorable?” Those people who say what happens in this video is “cute” or “adorable” are those who think bullying is ok. If u think bullying is ok, u need to educate yourself! The cat is smaller in size and not as strong as the puppy so I will speak for the cat. I have cats and dog and I love them all. I will not let any one of them bully others and my dog will never do this to my cats.

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