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Golden Retriever Shocked by a Kitten occupying his bed!

Golden Retriever Shocked by a Kitten occupying his bed!

doggo knows more about containing his anger than most humans 🤣 The fact that he’s having a complete tantrum about sharing his bed is hilarious and baby kitten looking like come on in there’s plenty of room 🤣 too too cute 😍 ❤ Incredible how he’s fighting for his bed so much that he ends up being the bed for the kitten I love how no matter how frustrated he gets he actively avoids doing anything that would hurt the kitten because he knows it’s just a baby. This dog really went through all 5 stages of grief in two minutes: denial, anger, depression, bargaining and acceptance 😂 Imagine being so unbothered and confident when a 10 times larger beast is standing and barking on top of you So sweet he doesn’t want to hurt the kitty ——- but he looks like he is going to have a total breakdown. 😂

The cats little silent hisses 🥺 so precious, the both of them. At times, I honestly couldn’t tell if the dog was actually upset or just happy to be playing this new game of “gotcha bed”This is heart-warming and funny. The dog caught in two minds: anxious and fretful about a stranger in his bed, but mindful and careful not to scare the kitten. The little kitten blissful in its innocence and delightfully playful. They will become great friends.

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