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Goodbye Marusya!” His owners waved to him and left. And the dog was hungry!

Marusya watched as his owners walked out the door, leaving him alone in the house. He let out a bark, hoping they would turn around and come back to him, but they didn’t hear him. With a sudden realization, Marusya realized that he was hungry.

He slowly made his way to his food bowl, but it was empty. His owners must have forgotten to fill it before they left. Marusya whined, feeling the hunger pains grow stronger. He knew he needed to find some food, but where could he look?

He wandered through the house, sniffing the air for any signs of food. But all he could smell were the familiar scents of his owners’ belongings. He searched the kitchen, but the counters were bare. He even opened the fridge with his nose, hoping to find something to eat, but it was empty.

Marusya started to feel desperate. He had never been this hungry before. As he lay down on the living room rug, he heard a faint rustling sound coming from outside. He perked up his ears and listened closely.

The sound grew louder and Marusya’s sense of smell picked up a new scent – meat! Without hesitation, he jumped off the rug and ran to the door, scratching at it with his paws. The door swung open and Marusya ran into the yard, following his nose.

There, under a tree, was a small barbecue grill. The lid was open and Marusya could see a juicy steak sizzling on the grates. He barked with excitement and jumped up, trying to reach the meat.

But it was too high for him to reach. Marusya felt defeated. He couldn’t believe he had found food, but it was out of his grasp. He sat down, whimpering softly to himself.

Just then, he heard a car pull into the driveway. His owners were back! Marusya jumped up, wagging his tail with excitement. He ran to the door and waited for them to come inside.

As soon as they walked in, Marusya ran to his food bowl, ready to eat. But his owners could tell something was wrong. They noticed how hungry he was and realized they had forgotten to feed him before they left.

Feeling guilty, they quickly filled his bowl with fresh food and water. Marusya ate hungrily, grateful for the meal. As he finished, he looked up at his owners with big, grateful eyes. He knew they would never forget to feed him again.

His owners felt terrible for forgetting to feed Marusya. They promised each other that they would set a reminder on their phones to make sure they never forgot again.

Feeling more content now that his hunger was satisfied, Marusya curled up at his owners’ feet as they sat down on the couch. His tail wagged slowly as they stroked his fur and apologized for leaving him hungry.

Marusya forgave them easily. He knew his owners loved him and would never intentionally let him go hungry. In fact, he was grateful for the adventure of finding the steak on the grill. It was an exciting moment for him, even if it did end in disappointment.

As the night went on, Marusya settled into his usual routine of napping and playing with his toys. His owners made sure to give him extra attention and love, making up for their mistake earlier in the day.

Marusya fell asleep that night feeling happy and content. He knew that no matter what adventures or challenges came his way, his owners would always be there to take care of him and show him love.

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