Having A Dog In Your Life Is The Greatest Decision You Will Ever Make 😍 Cute Dog Show Love - aboutcatdog

Having A Dog In Your Life Is The Greatest Decision You Will Ever Make 😍 Cute Dog Show Love

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” 👊👊👊👊
I love them very much, but when they die, the suffering is very painful and long-lasting. I lost my four-legged friend, my biggest friend 4 days ago. I’m going to get sick with grief…😢
Its not just that Huskies are talkative. Its that they always gotta have the last word! That Ruff!
Our cats used to climb into anyones pulled down pants while on the toilet 😂 my youngest daughter would be there for hours because she didn’t want to disturb them 😂
Our Baby passed away just 7 days ago 😭😭 💔💔
We lost our best friend for 11 years ….. how can we live without him after all these years filled with unbelievable love 💕
We cry the whole time since he died totally unexpected 😢… and keep him in our hearts ˋtil we meet againBeautiful. Dogs are the most AWESOME animals. Loved every second of this video. Thanks for posting.
My dog passed away 2 weeks ago from Lyme disease (liver failure),I am in such pain over her lose,am not sure if I can love another dog as much as I loved her,maybe this video will help me to make that decision!
As my youngest left home (last year)…my kids were worried about “momma”. But they left me with an OLD dog. One, last one…the last of “their” dogs. I find myself doing MORE with him. Instead of growing old & petrifying? We’ve both become more active, and we’ve both lost weight! What adventures we’ve had! Who knew we could become lake kayakers! Me and him? KAYAKING??? 🤣
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