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He gave birth for 1 month without food, Ideally, worms do not eat

The owner passed away more than a month ago. The son left him, we think he was about to give birth because if the babies reach a month, too much. He gave birth there and stayed for a month without food. We still don’t know how he’s alive or how he survived those two little fighters. He was caught on his mother’s chest without giving a drop of milk and widespread anemia, literally eaten by worms. Although it barely allowed to walk weakness, it was desperate when it was released.
We went to call him last night. You can’t even imagine the terrible smell it has left all over your necrotic skin. He was rotting alive. I couldn’t believe it … My eyes …. My Lord! Thank you for saving this long painful animal !!! How much, how much pain had to suffer ………..

God, how poor thing, the poor thing had to suffer, thank God there are good souls, thank God my admiration and respect, I hope this mother is strengthened by healing and eunu you and her beautiful offspring and her responsible people and never leave one more time I will never understand how a creature claiming to be a human being can persecute a vulnerable animal. Thank God there are still people who have mercy on animals. Thank you for saving and looking at them. You don’t say that the mother is alive – apparently the offspring will survive. If the mother is brought to life, I hope it will have a wonderful, wonderful, loving nest! Thank you very much for helping dogs and offspring. And there are angels interested in them, God bless them

Yes, my dear friend, every living thing deserves and lives. Our task is to help the four -legged brothers survive with us. A very touching story, thanks to everyone who saved animals all over the world

Mother survived? 😢 What a warrior who is interested in yavru dogs, is not possible to cry so much painful, pain and hunger to be abandoned.

Thanks to the big hearted people for saving the dog mother and her offspring. !!! Happiness to the right people of the world planet !!!! Material prosperity will settle in your life forever
God, it is great to see this like this, people have a limit of persecution, thank you for saving abandoned dogs, good job.

Greetings from Karakas Venezuela, thank you for giving abandoned puppy dogs a chance to live. God bless you.❤❤❤

That mother is a fighter, despite the situation in which she was able to give life.

Thank you for saving the dog family polite people! Goodness rules the world! There would be more polite and loving people! Health and peace to everyone!

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