How an experienced dog mother teaches her 8 weeks old puppies to be calm. - aboutcatdog

How an experienced dog mother teaches her 8 weeks old puppies to be calm.

How an experienced dog mother teaches her 8 weeks old puppies to be calm.


can’t belive i’m taking parenting advice from a golden retriever Wow even puppies can have self-control with the right authority. She wants to enter the puppy room in peace but her puppies are too excited. She also wants to teach them to stop drinking milk anymore. When the puppies are getting calm Rosalie starts taking care of them. With this behavior she teaches them that the only way to success (in this case being together with the mother) includes a calm energy level. I love how the Mom looks at the camera man for a second after barking. Like “sorry about them, they have no manners” Everyone is all happy and cheering the mama dog (rightly so) and then as soon as they hear you raise your voice with your child they would be the first call child protection services They desire instant gratification. She’s teaching them to have patience and self-restraint. These are invaluable qualities that far too many humans fail to teach their children. I thought this was a really good especially for new puppy owners. It had been awhile since I last raised a puppy and wanted to do it better this time with less frustration (puppies are hard!) All of the techniques and suggestions

for training were spot on. Love how the pups just quietly scatter trying not to draw any attention to themself.Like one of your siblings is being yelled at, so you stay quiet and out of the picture not to get into the crossfire. My childhood dog was a first time mum, for the first week the instant one made a sound she ran to them, she wanted to sneak off and spend time with us but couldn’t. Eventually she barked at them, they went quiet, they knew she was close and shut up, the look on her face was WHAT that worked. An excellent video. Mom giving fantastic Meditation class to her puppies. Calm ” feel” lesson: OK to be Quiet, Wait, Sit till your Peace, the feel comes in. *♡ ~ Awww and they still wanted to come close to Mama♥️ we love you babies but us mamas gotta establish some ground rules♥️ I love how after she scares them straight she goes over to each of them to make sure they’re all ok 🤣 NGL she scared me too lol

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