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Is Your Marriage Preference For Love or Logic?

Is Your Marriage Preference For Love or Logic? O love, there has been no person who has solved you for years, in this whole universe. You are hidden in our brains like many secrets. Even if you went to the heart, we could not find your way. Maybe it’s better this way, what do you think? Love remains as a mysterious, magical journey…

Our mind:

Don’t be fooled by your literary talk, love is the scourge of all humanity. Imagine spending your whole life with a person. Even if everything is the same, will there never be an argument? Come on, you can fool us, but never yourself!

How things change in an instant when it comes to getting married. The relationship you maintain happily begins to shake in the first preparations. Suddenly something enters your mind and you start to doubt. Your brain almost takes over you: “Are you sure?”

Love is temporary, remember this promise. When the sweet months are over, you will understand me better when you worry about bread. Expecting money from your spouse, getting stressed about what to cook every day if he has no money, sitting at home while your friends are visiting… Don’t tell me that I don’t care if my man is with me. You say so at first, you will rebel as time goes on. You get alienated from your wife, from your life, and most importantly from yourself. If you’re going to get married, use your logic…

Our heart:

If love has found you too, never lose it. Don’t listen to what that idiot says. What they say is temporary feelings, temporary happiness. I wouldn’t trade a laugh with the love of my life for anything. His presence illuminates my world, I feel peace. I look forward to when he comes home, I wait at the windows. All night I try to take his tiredness and make him happy. His eyes are my world. Even if we don’t have money, we have peace. There is no doubt, no grudge, no hatred in us. Our only goal is to raise a happy home and clean children. Don’t pay attention to what they say. Love is the most precious thing you can have. Never lose it.

We know it is very difficult but the choice is yours…!

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