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Locked in a Dark Room in a Warehouse – Didn’t Think Pet Life Could Be Like This!

Locked in a Dark Room in a Warehouse – Didn’t Think Pet Life Could Be Like This!

On November 7, NAFAF received a request to help this skeleton with the fur issue. The police found him locked in a dark room of a warehouse. He looked tired, weighed at least 50 pounds, and his gums were severely pale from anemia…
Thanks to everyone who helped bring this child back to life!!! How they depend on us! Health and peace to all!
Tears in the eyes What a pity the poor man suffered. Thank God, there are such people who have not lost their sense of pity.
Thank you good people for helping injured and abandoned animals, especially dogs ❤️
How is that possible with a living soul? What kind and unhappy eyes he has. May God give him a long and happy life.
Thanks to all the caring PEOPLE who helped this man. Health and good luck to you and the rescued child. Get well baby!
Well, how do you do this to them! Most of us don’t have a heart!!! A very cute baby, simply amazing!!! What a blessing to save this lovely baby!!! Thank you very much!!! The happiest, most joyful new life to you sweetie !!! Such a sun!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
God! Forgive us insensitive creatures that brought the dog into this situation!! Human cruelty knows no bounds!! Forgive us, dear animal! Thanks to the kind people who save the animals!! Good luck and good luck to you!!
Puppies deserve to be respected and loved. Thank you so much for saving her and saving her life.
How nice to see these extraordinary people treating animals in this clinic, besides the love and compassion, they leave it so warm and comfortable, the blankets, the mattresses, the pillows, it’s amazing.
God! Send your ponytail a speedy recovery and loving and caring people nearby!
With tears in my eyes, I ask: “Why are people doing this to poor animals who can’t protect themselves?” Didn’t something inside them tremble when they saw him die?
Thanks to good people for a favor. This house is wonderful and those who tortured it never had a peaceful sleep. Happy home
The poor dog is afraid to look at this wool-covered skeleton. How can they close it in the warehouse, no word? Many thanks to the people who saved this poor man. I love people who take care of our younger siblings.
Her story broke my heart! I am so happy that he was rescued and cared for! He has a long road to recovery ahead of him, he deserves love and attention for the rest of his life!!!!❤❤❤❤

God bless you for rescuing so many abused animals, thank you for the sincere greetings from Colombia South America
All animals are special… they give us joy and friendship. ❤What a pity that there are bad and perverts who can’t see this…
But what a cruelty to these innocent children ♥️ .. Thank you for your hard work, wonderful people.. May life always treat you well..
Thank you to all the rescuers for such a favor, thank you for saving the handsome man❤❤❤
Thanks to such people who save dogs and other animals. Without them the world would be deprived of light and goodness.
Fear! How frightening and how difficult it is to look into a dog’s eyes. Faded image of the apocalypse. Dear People, I sincerely thank you, hug and wish you well! I hope this sadist’s children or grandchildren pay him the same! They see everything from above! Thanks lifeguard!! Health, support, all the best! To a healing dog and a good, kind, loving owner! As a reward for suffering!!
Thanks to all of you who helped this poor friend, there is no forgiveness for those who left him like this, the world would be better if there were more people like these angels. Thank you very much, God bless you forever.
These angels suffer like hell at the hands of bad people, but they still wag their tails. The work you do is great. Thank you!
The cruelty of non-humans knows no bounds! And luckily there are many more HUMAN than non-humans. Thank you to everyone who saved this beauty.
Thank you kind people for saving unfortunate animals! I greet you for your big, kind heart!
How can people be as vile and disgusting as those who do this to spaghetti? Gratitude for these angels! My brother is also a veterinarian ️ ️ ️ good luck to the whole team. What kind of heart do you need to torture a soul that leads such an unrequited life?
What kind of heart do you need to torment such an unrequited soul?
Thanks Anyuta for everything. I’m so glad to see you. It’s just as painful for me to realize that this is possible. Thank you so much for your support. I can’t get used to it, my soul is torn from the pain. Health and well-being to you Anyuta and your family, hello to the cats and smack, smack . My hugs. ❤‍⬛
Thank you so much for helping the puppy not receive the blessings of my country Chile from now on.
You can rejoice at how lucky you are. I wish there were more people who help animals. It is a pity that the state does not support such organizations.
my god!!! I don’t understand why there are such evil people!! And they still call themselves human… but while there is life, there is hope… for the purpose of more people dedicated to helping!!! Please!!! The world actually needs this!!! Love love love love… because that’s all these pets are introducing to us… I always say, they are love materialized here on earth… I don’t understand why God allows these pure creatures to be treated more for his purpose. by him…

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