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Most Emotional Dogs Reunions with Their Owners That Will Melt Your Heart ❤️

Que amor puro e verdadeiro ,lindo demais🙌🙌🙌🙌❤❤❤❤
Its so lovely to see that how dogs miss their owners,very emotional,good vlog and narration.
Animals are better than many of the people walking the earth today. Their love is genuine. Thanks for posting. The video made me smile.
Yes, more videos would be great ! I love watching how dogs show their love
All of us who have our beloved dogs know what it means for them and not only that, a reunion with their owners, yes, it is unconditional love and joy.💕🐶🐕
Brilliant video! Heartwarming, no humans demeaning their pets, no trashy music or talk. I loved it! Thank you! Yes, more please!
Dogs are so loyal, they never leave your side, they guard you, they make you so happy, they love you so much…It’s so hard when you have to put an old dog down, tears your heart out ! 💕🌺
Absolutely gorgeous compilation, and wonderful to see such happy dogs with such loving owners. I wish that all dogs could know this kind of happiness!
Dogs are so full of love . It doesn’t matter if you are gone 5 min or 5 months they are always so happy to see you and want to show you their love. I swear our dogs knew when it was about time for my husband to come home from work and could hear his truck coming down the street. Sadly, we lost our last dog a couple days before Thanksgiving 2022. Just shy of his 17th birthday and to the end he just wanted to be where ever we were,
I’m surprized that none of those dogs sprained their tail wagging it with so much happiness, and none of them peed a little from the excitement.
I also love to hear them “uwu” their love, and at times it even sounds like they are crying with joy to be reunited with their loved ones. Thanks for the fond memories of my canines’ unconditional love (3 German Shepperd’s that overlapped in a 25 years period). I do miss them dearly.

Makes me want too go away for a month just for the reaction of my dog when I got back. Couldnt leave him for that long though 🤣🤣
I love how my dog greets me when I get home even if it’s a quick run to the store. It’s as if I was gone for a long time.🐕🐶🥰❤
Dogs are one of the big animal family that are always loyal to their owners and caretakers. A dog would never be disloyal or betray a person who has been taking care of it. Actually it finds comfort and it’s only loyal to the owner😊♥️.Their love is genuine and their feeling is real😊, they are always patient and waiting to see their owners 🥺.
I’m sat here watching this crying my eyes out, as I had my best friend my beloved cat dye in my arms yesterday, I know she wasn’t a dog but she used to be the exact same if I’d been out ,she’d jump in my arms ,curling around my neck until she settled ,pets are so loyal they really are .Rest in peace my sweet girl.
My girl does this even if I just walk to the mailbox and she can see me the whole time. But no matter how long I’m gone she’s all over me when I come back. Love, love this.
Boy did I enjoy this video. It’s amazing how our animals remember us after so much time passes. Gotta love our furbabies.
My last friend died almost 4 years ago. I’m not allowed a companion where I live alone. As I watch this show, I just discovered myself rubbing, and gently scratching the soft arm of my chair!
I watched a very active reunion and my arms were rubbing and patting to go to town. How I miss having a companion. I’m disabled and a proud Elder @ 70, how I would love to have a cuddly friend…..
I would wake happily every day!Indeed, the pet dogs really miss their masters, especially if they are left for a few months, the dogs will surely miss them, when the one who takes care of the dogs comes home.👍🏼👍🏼
never take their hugs and kisses for granted its a terrible feeling when its no longer there 🙁 Id give anything to have my pups back greeting me at the door after work !!! RIP C AND L ALSO always get down to the dogs level they love that 🙂 I hope more hospitals allow pets to visit their person in hospital it is needed so much for both of them and can speed healing <3

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    these animals are so sad,

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    I think everyone should feed them,


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