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My grandfather put his dog to sleep in tears because he didn’t have the money for his treatment

My grandfather put his dog to sleep in tears because he didn’t have the money for his treatment

A huge salute to the vet for saving the dog. You are a good man and we love you for the sake of your kindness. Greetings from Poland. A big salute to the owner and his love of the dog.
Thank you very much doctor! You saved the life of not only your dog but also the owner!
Our animals have never betrayed us, and they never will! They love us and we should love them too!
Vet, well done! Helped grandpa and dog, probably prolonging grandpa’s life🔥👍
Of course, the veterinarian cannot treat all animals at his own expense, but in some cases there are situations where you would not be able to do otherwise and help, and that is invaluable! God bless this doctor!
oh my god! How nice to hear kindness! Mutual aid! Attention! Thank you for having such people! Be happy!
So retirees can’t even afford to treat their pets. They dealt with how to survive themselves.
The animal is closer than the close person. The dog is a true and loyal friend. Animals and their owners understand each other. The owner’s tears are his sincere feelings. We thank our veterinarians for their love and work. participation.
This is a real DOCTOR, not a dirty doctor – white coat .. I wish this doctor health, joy and good luck in all matters …
I know such vets – this nation’s gold fund! I am proud of them.
Doctor, THANK YOU You tried on the shoes of an older man. (There is a clever analogy.) Thanks from all the mutts in the world!!! ️Congratulations to the dog and the veterinarian who helped the old owner, thank God there are still good people because God sees everything
A salute to the veterinarian, may my blessed man do such a noble favor! I admire this veterinarian and wish him health, joy, love, long term. Dear kind person, thank you!
Thank you very much, Andrey Alexandrovich!!! God bless you and your whole family, health, kindness and all the best for you!!!
I’m crying, thank you, thank you, good people, God bless you 😇🙏👼
My God, where are such people, today in Russia this is very rare, praise in order to honor them.
for the purpose here. such good people and our brothers. The little ones get a second life and there is hope for their owners who are happy to save but there is no funding … I’m crying. .and I am writing this message because I love animals so much! They will never betray their owner and return their love and affection in return for attention and salvation.
Thank you very much, dear doctor, for your wonderful heart in saving the dog! Thank you thank you thank you. If there were such good-hearted, caring people, the world would be much kinder, more merciful, more compassionate, less evil than indifference to the misfortune of the other. May God grant you, dear doctor, health, health, health, health, sound, strong well-being and everything, only the most kind, bright, beautiful, cheerful, happy, warm, dear kind person! God bless you! ️ ️ ️ ️

I am filled with joy when these true stories come true and I think there are still pure souls in this cold and artificial world.
This was a GREAT act of kindness and empathy on the part of the Veterinarian as most vets would not do this. This vet is surely a jewel of compassion and empathy.
There are still many Guardian Angels, this vet is an Angel sent from the direction of God.
Respect and respect for the veterinarian! May everything be according to your heart!
It’s these kind of people who keep the world afloat! Thank you for prolonging the life of not only the dog but also the owner!
I am crying because good people like this veterinarian did not die in our mortal time … I wish a kind man health and success and may his grandfather live longer with his dog …
A beautiful act of doctors makes me cry watching the video My grandfather loved his dog so much that he would give anything to save it. 👍❤❤❤❤❤😚😚😚🐶🐶🐶🐶
Thank you to this caring and sensitive doctor. If all veterinarians were this type, most animals and most people would not suffer. thanks ❤️
Not only did he save the dog’s life, but he also saved the old man’s life.
It is these people I would call truly humanity Humans, and if not, then the rest of the qualities and feelings are just empty words. (Always be Humans with compassion, understanding, mutual aid and love humanity. For those in need)
More doctors like this!!!! And more parents like this!!! What a beautiful story!!! ❤️
Unfortunately there are professionals who aim not only at money and saving lives, but also people and especially animals, 😔😔Congratulations to this VET WHO IS EVERYTHING LOVE AND MAINLY PRIOR TO MONEY 🙏🙏😍❤❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
God bless this vet. He has a very big heart and he gave Mr. back hope of living and faith in finding people like no other. Greetings from Bogota, Colombia.
We can help him with the co-ordinate money issue so that he can stay with his little 4 legged angel, please let’s help him coordinate so he never has to worry about anything again.
It’s so sad to know that a wonderful animal ate a dog, it has to die of lack of money. Lots of love to the veterinarian and the person who explained this beautiful story with a happy ending.
Veterinary Angel 😇🙏 blessed with gratitude ALWAYS Grandpa and his beautiful dog have many, many happy years 🙏 perfect action from the vet, thank you for being a good person who knows that puppies and especially their owners who actually love them like a son feel the same . Blessings for you. physician 😷_
I am always grateful to those who help, save, feed and heal our animal brothers and give them the opportunity to live with dignity. Wonderful testimony from both the vet and Naida’s loving owner.
In other words, beggar retirees in our country cannot treat not only an animal, but also a medicine for themselves, through a veterinarian, a very big brave person !!!

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