Once a man saved a puppy from starvation, and that’s the price he thanked. - aboutcatdog

Once a man saved a puppy from starvation, and that’s the price he thanked.

Once a man saved a puppy from starvation, and that’s the price he thanked.

bushes, and his body was shaking at a furious speed. He turned out to be abandoned and useless to anyone. I really wanted to eat, and it was insanely scary. A highway was located past his shelter, along which cars drove. Their sound frightened the baby, and it seemed to him that now his tiny life would be cut short. But the fate of this puppy ordered otherwise. Gennady realized that it was time to get up as soon as the timid rays of the sun penetrated through the freedom of the curtain. Despite the fact that it was his day off, the man decided to be productive, and not to lie in bed. He wanted to go to a hardware store to buy building materials to repair his own. Gene was 35 years old, he lived alone, but he already had an unsuccessful marriage behind him.Thank you for saving this sweet innocent soul and thank you to all who helped this kind man after his accident and cared for the pupPor favor en español porq no respetan ustedes los”lineamientos y tienen mas respeto? Q les sucede desde cuando los argentinos cambiamos el idioma? uns verguenza fastidio y bronca ustedes tienen la culpa hagan el favor….Une TRES TRES belle histoire qui aurait pu se terminer de facon tragique pour le Jeune homme et par la suite pour le chien heureusement tout s’est termine par la guerison du maitre de Chip et par la belle rencontre à l’hòpital……Un beau couple et leur adorable et fidèle ami à 4 pattes ferment UNE FAMILLE !!! 🥰🥰❤🙏🙏🙏Video meraviglioso. L’amore tra animali e uomini è semplicemente fantastico. Un angelo ha trovato un cucciolo e si è preso cura di lui. Il cucciolo lo ha amato fino a salvargli la vita. Che il Signore vi benedica semper a tutti e due. ♥️♥️Wonderful story…had similar experience and he brought me back from deep dark depression and 19yrs later I laid on floor with him as he lay dying from massive stroke…waiting for vete…he was my life and my world and still miss him and cry too after more than a years…animals are so special in their own way and definitely dogs are man’s best friend and love you unconditionally and unfortunately there are still people that abuse these and cruel to them and yet none ever go to jail and so many needless euthanasia.

Thank you for convincing people to adopt abandoned dogs. I need love in the world
Gorgeous, the animals are sensational. Much better than some people. we need to learn from them
If people were this selfless and loving, the world would be different!
The main thing is not to look at each other, but to look to one side. It’s about wives.
First time hearing you Thank you very much I love dogs But I guess my age won’t let me make a friend from now on Chip or Sharik it doesn’t matter
What a beautiful story puppies love and the love they give you is unconditional. they love you because yes
Great story…he had a similar experience and it brought me back from a deep dark depression and 19 years later I lay with him on the floor as he lay dying from a massive stroke… waiting for the vet… he was my life and my world and for over a year then still miss him and cry… animals are very special in their own way and surely dogs are man’s best friend and love you unconditionally and unfortunately there are still people who abuse them and are cruel to them and for now none of them go to jail and a whole lot of unnecessary euthanasia.
A beautiful story that affirms the loyalty of dogs to their owners.
Thank you for saving this sweet innocent soul, and thank you to everyone who helped this kind man and cared for the pup after the accident.
The most loyal and devoted friend! Thank you very kind person for saving the little puppy and then thank you my dear friend CHIP for the purpose of your loyal, selfless, caring heart for saving the owner. God bless you, your family and your beloved pet, health, health, wellness, health, strong well-being and all the best! God bless you all! ️ ️ ️ The most faithful creature created by the Creator in our world is the dog. But the thing is, ❤❤Veronika does not live long. Lithuania.
I’m so touched …. I love animals, all of them! But a dog’s love for you is so great, I love those meticulous faces and those eyes that look at you with safety and love!!!🐶🐕😘❤😍🤩❤
God is great, he will return the blessings of your good deeds, such as rescuing an innocent believer.dog.LoveFrom Tanzania
A VERY VERY good story that could end tragically for the young man and later the dog, luckily it all ended with Chip’s master’s recovery and his beautiful reunion at the hospital…. A beautiful couple and their lovely and loyal 4 legged friend close a FAMILY!!!🥰🥰❤🙏🙏🙏
Great video. The love between animals and humans is incredible. An angel found a puppy and took care of it. The puppy loved him until he saved his life. God bless you both always. ♥️ ♥️

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