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Owner Abandoned his Dog

Owner Abandoned his Dog

A wonderful, warm human soul and heart. Thank God there are still so many wonderful people. Thank you!❤💋❤
Congratulations on such a beautiful gesture of love! Thank you for saving the helpless mother and puppies! God bless and protect you! ❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🐶
The animals reach you instantly, as if they feel safe and warm in your hands, and they are not afraid. God bless you and the family that raised this kind of Human spirit It is a pleasure to watch you, so much warmth, tenderness, love, soul… 1000 likes
Exciting…. There is no way to hold back the tears when seeing this Angel of Light of the Lord in the form of a man saving these animals so helpless, abandoned and left to their fate! May Allah increase the blessings of all the good deeds you do with your immeasurable love for these 4 legged people!
It’s so touching to see how meekly your mother allowed this man she didn’t know to intervene! Because they notice our goodwill and let them help! And this man has a huge heart!
One of my favorite things about these guys — and one of the biggest reasons I’ve subscribed — is that they carefully search the surrounding area to make sure no one is left behind with every rescue! I rarely see this in other videos. PS What do you feed him? It looks delicious ! I would like some! Laugh out loud while the man’s love for dogs is admirable and good to see, some are leaving others out with their love and respect for animals.
I was touched by the abandonment of such defenseless creatures! I am happy that there are good-hearted people. Congratulations! God bless you forever!
This gesture makes us believe that people exist in this world, congratulations for attitude purpose and mother and cubs can be happy under it and there is always a savior somewhere for these innocent people purpose.
Even after rescuing them all, he kept an eye out for the chance of any random one being left behind or forgotten… great job, regards from Chile.
Milan, you are a kind hearted person. Thank you for being a good mother and saving her children. I greet you from Slovakia🇸🇰. Amazing action 👍👍👍👍👍❤️ ❤️🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕
Thank you so much for being so kind and saving the mother and her cubs. How can someone be so cruel that they just throw them in that area like garbage… You’re such an inspiration to all of us and I’m actually going to start getting involved. thanks again my friend please never stop doing what you are doing ❤️
How cruel are people! So sad to see this! God bless your life! The world needs people like you! With the LOVE in your heart ❤️
How beautiful. I love the saviors with all my heart ❤️. They are the best I have ever seen. It is a great pleasure for me to see and know their existence 😂. May God fill you with health, happiness, prosperity and love so that you continue to save and help these beautiful angels. What a management you are the best in the world ❤▪️ happy for the kind savior boy. ❤️ 🙏🇻🇪

What beautiful ladies the angels are. They showed their value by helping in times of trouble. Thank you for the purpose of angels like them.
That beautiful dog definitely needed all the love it deserved ❤❤❤❤ thank goodness it was saved. No dog should ever be abandoned🙏🏽
How could someone just leave such a sweet boy? It breaks my heart to be a proud fur mom ❤️.. thanks to those ladies who saved this baby… after all, her home is where she is 🏡🥹🥹
the man barely left him but two wonderful ladies adopted him, what a great story about this puppy, I would love to know how he was found in these times
I’m broke ❤but then I’m happy, I know we still have kindhearted people in this 🌎.. we need more people like this🌎😑❤🐶🐶
I’m watching and crying, how can you leave your friend, he lives, loves and trusts his owners, he doesn’t understand what they did to him and he will probably get very bored. I cry..
It’s embarrassing to believe that this soulless caretaker, who arouses my worst feelings, has abandoned this beautiful thing of my species. These girls are Angels… this true unconditional love will surely turn life into years of joy and peace for the purpose of the sweet four-legged angel.
It’s great to see such sensitive people, it’s been a hope for the abandoned children and old people on the streets. How many people are sensitive to children who are starving, abused, have no dignity and no opportunity? …
I used to work 3 jobs, full time at Walmart with a server at night and doing lyft on weekends. still just to get by. This opportunity presented to me allowed me to distance myself from the rest of the race.
Tears filled my eyes when I saw this man’s act of abandonment to his dog. This is a great act of cruelty. Poor guy, how must he have felt? It’s really sad. Fortunately, the Universe offers permission and sends the right people. I thank him for his purpose. The universe will reward you a hundredfold.
Blessed are the girls who leave the puppy, who will never forget what they have done, who will be a burden to him for the rest of his life, and who adopt him!
Congratulations for your attitude God bless you always… you took pity on that dog … you 🐕absolutely pleased God’s heart ️… amen… ️ ️❤🙏❤🐕❤🙏👏👏👏
Muita Crueldade. 😢com o bichinho, que Deus abençoe essas moçad que a resgataram fico feliz ❤
It’s nice and wonderful that there are still kind-hearted people! Thank God for people like them! To be honest, this brought tears to my eyes! Praise the LORD that there are still great people left in the world!
I hope God will pay in advance for these 2 ladies. They are worthy of every blessing that awaits them. Golden retrievers are very loyal and intelligent. Why it was abandoned will remain a mystery.
God he always used to ask me there are so many miserable people like this guy who left this fluffy fur tied, he is a good little angel, gosh, that lady set him free and took him, show him a lot of love, god bless you always
God this video broke my heart ♥️ because I love dogs I don’t understand how a person can have such a bad heart Yam and leaving his heart and leaving it tied made me cry while waiting believing that this soulless man will come back for his sake thank God he found his new owner and I think he will give him all the love in the world
Thank God there are good people in the world, I hope the former owner will pay for what he did one day, I have ten dogs, almost all abandoned, I still have them, some are over 20 and I don’t care about money because mine are less just about love
Thank you so much to all the angels who always protect our pets, I can’t say anything with words but thank you so much girls, God bless you wherever you are

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