Rescuing a family of dogs with help from iPhone and You Tube. Please share - aboutcatdog

Rescuing a family of dogs with help from iPhone and You Tube. Please share

The mother of the year award goes to this beauty, she has to search the streets for food and manages to ensure that her puppies are well fed, plus she was very calm when they got her babies, which makes sense because dogs are famous. he appreciated the characters well and probably felt that he was non-harming,
It’s such a sweet, happy ending for a struggling mom. A million thumbs up, Eldad.
It’s amazing how these dogs are able to give birth without any help. And just instinctively know how to care for them. Beautiful.
real mom!!! People who save dogs, you have a great soul! and you are walking on the narrow road, the path of truth, justice and mercy!!!! Thank you very much!!!
I’ve seen this several times over the years. It’s still very heartwarming to see Rosie and her babies. She had to believe that those babies were grown old dogs from now on. I hope they had a great life. ❤️
She was actually a good mother. These puppies looked amazing.
I’m sick of people saying all pitbulls are bad. THE MOST ABUSED RACE AND IT HAS TO STOP. THANKS FOR SAVING THIS BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. 7 years later I am still watching this rescue. Eldad, you are an extraordinarily wonderful man. I can’t find words to describe how watching it and filling me with joy has affected me. Thank you
How the soul rejoices if the animals are refused help so that they cannot survive without us, good health to the good people, I wish you good luck, Thank you!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹😍🥰
It’s so beautiful that he didn’t go to that area and pick up the puppies, he wanted to make sure the mother would let him have it 🙂
I can’t help but wait for the dog to show the babies instead of being able to pick them up.
Rosie was such a good mom! These puppies were in very good condition considering their condition.
What a sweet story, I’m so glad Rosie and her babies are safe from now on. Dogs are wonderful animals, they can understand that the individual is only there to help. Good job!!
Such a mother is smart and beautiful, and puppies are so cute! Who threw this kind of dog out into the street? Humanity is heading towards the abyss! Thank you dear animal rescuers
She was so sweet that she wouldn’t show him the babies to keep them safe, but she was upset when she heard “their babies are crying” and she showed them where they were to help them.

It’s very touching. What you’re doing to help these majestic dogs is beautiful.
It’s incredible what you’ve done for these lost animals. A big hug to you and your supporters from Germany👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏
Through this boy who saved them ❤️ ❤️ ❤ he needed a home for his little ones and how good is he, the dog mom ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Let’s always be guardian and benevolent angels against animals.
What a brave dog mom. Thank you for being able to give birth and raise their children in such conditions and save the dog family 🙏🙏🙏❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Shout out again to you and Hope For Paws. I will increase my monthly donation because you are actually an organization that works hard to save the innocent. Thanks to everyone who works very closely as a group to ensure safety and not harm any frightened fluffy baby.
It surely shows your experience and your loving nature and patience. If I get into this line of business, I am inspired to treat animals like you.
This video may have been released almost 10 years ago, but it’s still just as beautiful and just as wonderful. It’s equally impressive that Hope for Paws hasn’t hesitated in her mission and STILL brings hope to animals that might not otherwise have it. Superior!
These people who work to save stray dogs or the injured should be rewarded. They are the people I love. They should earn more than $1 million. Thanks for saving the dogs.
Nice, I live in Cuba 🇨🇺, even though we have almost no resources, I dedicate myself to rescuing and helping stray animals but we are doing our best to help everyone we can. Congratulations on this fine work. To hug
He’s so smart that he CLAIMED you away from their babies to keep them safe! Until you play the crying puppies video What a GOOD mom!😂 It was great that you convinced Rosie to take you to her babies. You and the Hope For Paws team/volunteers are admirable.
What a heartwarming and heart-wrenching thing to watch… everything was done in order not to frighten the mother and prevent her from becoming aggressive. You guys actually know what you’re doing and it’s proof of that after all. He took you to his puppies and let you touch and pick them up. You guys are great! Performing this work is a gift of special ability. A timely, scary, unknown territory for the purpose of saviors and rescued. GOOD JOB! I’m so happy for mom and puppies! It was a great idea to play the recording of the crying puppies! Otherwise, who knows how long you would have to wait! If only all strays could be rescued and sheltered and found “forever” homes. Keep up the great work! You are God’s angels!
You were speaking his language! When you make puppy noises and his head pops up, are those mine? Oh, waiting for this! You are so sweet, you were created to make these rescues happen and you are a special soul, thank you❤🐾❤
It was a daring rescue. It actually makes a lot of sense for my mother to get in the front seat with a box of babies under her. She knew this young man could help, and her instinct, motivated by crying puppies, cemented her confidence. you did very well!
You have a gif and it’s amazing how you connect with animals and teach compassion and love to all our animals in your videos around the world. We love you and the whole team and the people who donate from them

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