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Rising Trend of 2023 Round Toe Marry Jane

Rising Trend of 2023 Round Toe Marry Jane

Rising Trend of 2023 Round Toe Marry Jane The type of cancer that causes widespread and local damage to the skin is called Skin cancer, that is, skin cancer. Skin cancer is a life-threatening disease with a very high potential to spread to other parts of the body compared to other types of cancer. There are 3 main types of skin cancer originating from skin cells. These;

Basal cell carcinoma (the most common type)
Squamous cell carcinoma
Melanoma pigment-producing cells. Although this species looks more dangerous than the previous two species, it is less visible than the others.
What are the risk factors for skin cancer?
The most common risk factors for a skin cancer are:

Risk factors for skin cancer

Exposure to light from the sun or ultraviolet light sources. Especially fair-skinned, blue or hazel eyes, blond people are more vulnerable than other individuals. This problem is more common in high places or in areas where exposure to sunlight is more likely.

Exposure to cancer-causing rays such as X-rays, i.e. ionized radiations.

People who have had skin cancer in their past life are more likely to develop cancer again within two years of the disease. This condition carries a higher risk in elderly patients.

Is skin cancer hereditary?

Since skin cancer is mostly caused by ultraviolet light, this type of cancer is mostly not considered hereditary. However, genetics are thought to be an important factor because this type of cancer is more common among people with weak pigmentation and the color of the skin is hereditary. There are rare genetically based syndromes that occur with skin cancer in some cases.

What causes skin cancer?
It has been understood that basal cell cancer is caused by the mutation of DNA in the basaloid cells in the uppermost layer of the skin. When the majority of early cancers become immune, they begin to develop into tumors.

What are the types of skin cancer?

Tumors in the type of squamous cell cancer form in the normal squamous cells in the upper layer under the epidermis. Just as in basal cell cancer, natural mutational repair mechanisms prevent excessive growth of these cells in squamous cell cancer.


What are the types of skin cancer?

As we have briefly explained above, there are several different types of skin cancers. These

Basal cell carcinoma: It is the most common type in humans. Thousands of people are diagnosed with new basal cell carcinoma every year in our country and there are applications related to this disease. There are several types of basal cell carcinoma. The superficial type is the type of least concern. The nodular type is the most common, while the morpheaform is the most difficult to treat.
Squamous cell carcinoma accounts for about 1% of all skin cancer types. However, this type is more common in immunocompromised individuals.

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