Smart dogs are cute and funny !Dogs are man's most loyal friend!🐶🐶🐶 - aboutcatdog

Smart dogs are cute and funny !Dogs are man’s most loyal friend!🐶🐶🐶

Smart dogs are cute and funny !Dogs are man’s most loyal friend!🐶🐶🐶

Oh my God, Finn is something special. He kept the baby safe until you got to him. I can’t take all this love. I would take Finn in a heartbeat. All!
The little animals are very beautiful… loving, sensitive, grateful etc. Most cruel “people” should learn from them…thanks to everyone who saved them and changed their lives…
She was the most nurturing kitten I’ve ever seen. LOL I love happy ending. Thank you for caring for these beautiful creatures.
Thank you for being so kind to all these homeless cats and kittens, your family did a great job raising you sir ❤️ I wish you nothing but health and happiness x
This is so cute. Not only has she found a new mom who takes care of her right away, but she also has older siblings to show her love. He may have lost his biological mother, but with an even greater blessing, he has a new family that loves him.
This is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen a kitten do. He’s basically being a good big brother.
This Is Absolutely Beautiful. All contributed by playing a role that 97% of cats would never do. The mother cat is especially Beautiful by nursing this poor abandoned sweet Baby!! Very heart warming!! ❤️
That Foster Mom and that orange kitten Finn are two of the most loving cats I’ve ever seen! They both really stepped in with that little, newly orphaned kitten. It’s just nice to watch.
I’ve never seen a small cat like Fin. It’s amazing how she takes care of the helpless little kitten and knows she needs a mother. This cat family is awesome. God bless you by valuing his creations other people ignored
How beauty, how innocence and holiness! Endless blessings to these wonderful beings and those who helped them… May they love, bless and protect them forever. Awww, Finn I’m sure he would be a great dad if each of them found a mate and I love how all your cats are so kind to the little kitten ❤️
This is so cute, tear up the mother cat and the newborns 🥺 but I’m happy that the newborn luckily exists safe and has his own family from now on ❤️ ❤️

I have four cats. There is jealousy between every cat. This cat family is the complete opposite. What generous creatures they are. Their love for the new kitten is making me melt.
This 1/2 month old kitten is touching ❤️, being so protective of a newborn her age….a kitten’s empathy and mutual assistance ️️ is often overlooked by some people! I hope this lovely cat has a wonderful life…!It warms my heart to see your kindness in feeding and caring for the orphans. And I know you can’t have all kittens, but it’s great that you can at least take the ones that are too small to survive on their own and take care of them yourself. I hope you can find good homes for them. Bless you and everything you do. Thank you.
Finn is a very loving kitten, playing the role of another mother cat and kitten at such a young age. This is really awesome. Mama Lara is such a loving cat that she becomes the mother of any kitten and welcomes them as her own. You are all very lucky to have them. And you are very lucky by rescuing all the cats/kittens. May I ask where this place exists? Aren’t there any veterinarians who will spay/neuter? They should offer such services there by preventing their proliferation. Thanks for saving them. Will they later be adopted into loving homes? Thanks again. Excuse the questions… this is my first time watching this channel. I subscribed.
Ohh, what a cute older kitten helping a super young cat and then having nice conversations with her mom too! Thanks for filming this and showing it to us!

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