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Surprised my wife with a golden retriever puppy for Christmas

Surprised my wife with a golden retriever puppy for Christmas


The day after her dog passed away, I surprised her with a new puppy for Christmas. She was overwhelmed with emotion. I love how the puppy is so chill about all this.“Picking me up? Fine. Hiding me behind a card? Ok, cool. New owner huh? She seems nice.” Most guys will only dream of having a girl who seems so genuine. Good on you man. Wish you both the best! Dogs are life-changing. The best thing we’ve ever done as parents, was adopt a dog from a shelter for our daughter. The impact and sheer joy added to her life by making that one decision, can’t be put into words. Awww I love how she was worried that she scared him (I don’t think she did, that puppy seemed chill af). I can tell she’s turned out to be a great dog mommy during these years 😀 Omg. The way the puppy starts licking her hand almost instantly almost made me cry. It’s like it knew it could trust her to take care of it. So cute!

This is so heartmelting! I love how the puppy is just chilling in the husband’s hands before the reveal. You see him react to the wife’s voice, and then the way that he just seems to melt into her with the cuddles! So cute! I love how the puppy went from being confused/scared to licking her to comfort her in just a minute. Dogs are truly precious and the love they show is so beautiful. What makes this even more adorable is that she looks like a nurse or med student of some sort, so she probably had a long day at work, for her to have this surprise when she got home 😊 When you want to delay the first child for a few more years. Classic.

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