The crowd lay alone and sadly by the side of the road, hundreds of passers-by but no one - aboutcatdog

The crowd lay alone and sadly by the side of the road, hundreds of passers-by but no one

The crowd lay alone and sadly by the side of the road, hundreds of passers-by but no one

Thank you so much for saving an innocent child!❤
What a blessing to have such wonderful people!
All the sadness of the world was in the eyes of this orphaned little baby… ❤️‍ God bless you beautiful person May God protect everyone who saves animals from evil and sorrow… Nisky bows to you for the salvation of an innocent soul
Bow down to kind people. For the sake of the little beautiful life saved. Health to all of you Nogo the world of the sky. All good. We are from Ukraine. What a cute, gentle little puppy. Many thanks to the young people for helping a small dog. Be happy and healthy.
How eyes change! What a sweet dog! How delicious everything is for his purpose! Little dog! I bow to you for the purpose of your kind heart!
What a beautiful Buchits. This much energy is a small miracle. Thank you so much for saving the puppy. God bless you and Buhitsa❤
I hate when people reach out to tame the poor homeless animal instead of buying and feeding it! A deep salute to those who save animals! Health to all!
Greetings to you and guardian angel for saving such a lovely baby! He will be fine! People ! Don’t miss the homeless! Feed and caress! Goodness returns twice.
I am from Almaty city and I would like to thank the man very much for saving such a cute puppy, the dog is not on the street from now on he has a house from now on I am so happy for such a puppy and man This puppy is an angel now he is both a puppy and a man in order to protect the love joy and health in order to ensure its safety 😇😇😇😇😇🐶❤❤❤❤❤

What a difference a little love makes. He wags his tail instead of just being ignored and it’s fun. I would adopt him in a heartbeat. It would be my purpose to make him happy. This man has a heart of gold, even if he is lucky in life and only good people meet, thanks for the purpose of this little soul saved
Thank you for your kindness and humanity! Joy and prosperity to your family! May your puppy have a happy life!
In the eyes of the baby there is no hope that someone needs him !!!! Thanks folks!!! who didn’t pass
I’m watching the end of the video and my smile is getting wider)) Better, good news!!! thank you kind people❤❤❤
He is not ugly! This is a beautiful baby!!! pure precision. Thank you so much for helping and caring for him. Thank you for not looking the other way ❤
Poor thing, it itches and itches all the time. Through kind people 🙏saved such a lover❤
Which eyes were sad, essentially indifferent to everything, resigned to their fate – NO ONE NEEDED … But he was wrong! And thank God! Now her eyes shine with joy, love, kindness! Hello to you, good people! May luck not go away from you🙏💖👍🌹
The world is not without good people! Thank you to the person who did not remain indifferent to this beautiful pup. God’s Word says: “If you can help those in need, do not refuse to do good to them.” God’s blessings to you and your family! Thank you so much for the purpose of your kind heart. Thank you Jesus Christ for people like YOU. God loves you and helps you in every way. THANK YOU
It was a pity when he lay under the bench and buried his face in the ground, realizing that no one needed him. Thank God there are good people, thank you. What good friends you are, goodness will always come back to you! Health to you and your family.

We must take strength and love from this good man. Bow down, big man. What a sadness in the eyes of every innocent animal you save and protect, may God protect you and your family. We should all learn from this great man.
I am very happy that it came to such a wonderful family, From Russia With Love, Health and happiness to you kind people…
Baby, I’m confused, how much do you need to drink, eat, close friends and a good life? Thanks!!!!
Those who are most susceptible to abandoned animals are people who are financially easier. I am grateful to all these People. ❤.I live in Brazil.
Buhika has turned into a cute dog, love and attention do that, thanks to everyone involved in her destiny.
Thank you for saving that beautiful, innocent little angel, God bless her!🐾🐾
I’ll never understand how people could ignore this innocent baby 😞thanks for helping her.❤
He has grown out of this cute puppy just BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you, It’s your virtue and you made him Happy! What a great action guys. It is admirable that they take care of our little brothers.
I wish you all the happiness and love in the world with all my heart, good people.. Greetings ❤️
If you hadn’t stopped to save him, his life without food, shelter, vaccination, and most importantly, without love, would have reliably stopped… Thanks to you, he exists and is happy. You are a wonderful person!God! I thank You for bringing these PEOPLE into this world with such a great heart and soul! Thank you for not saying anything. MAY RESPECT you all, good people! Amine. The Lord is merciful. The difference in his gaze is indeed tremendous and wonderful, thanks for all you do, I wish I could help so many puppies who suffer more often and worse.
What a difference you have made for this puppy in such a short time, how fast his tail wags when you give him the cake shows how happy you make him. keep up the great work my friend
Thank you and I wish you all the happiness in the world. When someone loves them, they actually love them.
She is a beautiful puppy, thank God there are noble and kind hearted people, thank you for rescuing her and saving her life, I hope everyone is happy
Thank you, eternal thanks!! He was about to die and you brought him back to life. NO Abandonment and Abuse of CHILDREN, THE ELDERLY, SPECIAL TALENTS AND ANIMALS. 🙏🙏🙏 THANK YOU
I wish there were more people God bless those who help animals I bought a puppy from the street and it is so sweet and needs lots of love don’t hurt them please help them I hope there are more countries that protect them come on take care of them they are true friends and they love us unconditionally

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