The Day I Found Him On The Floor Crying In Pain Completely Changed My Life! - aboutcatdog

The Day I Found Him On The Floor Crying In Pain Completely Changed My Life!

The Day I Found Him On The Floor Crying In Pain Completely Changed My Life!

On November 10, a woman found Kopa in a construction line. The kopa was tiny, his right front leg almost cut off. The building manager said he didn’t see anything yesterday, which means Kopa must have been abandoned late last night…
More and more I meet people who are infected with love and kindness. God help you!
Thank you for saving such a lovely baby. May God bless this ponytail and give you good health and many happy years.
How glad I am that such kind people remain on earth 😭🥲🥹 Goodness will return to you!)
Providence has sent you to show mercy, dear and wonderful people, thank you for saving this baby!
God bless you beautiful people. If only there were more people like this, the world would be a better place.
The poor puppy was so tired from walking that all he wanted was to sleep and rest!!! Leaving comfort in her mother’s womb with the intention of being mistreated and ignored in the “human” realm. But you, noble soul, knew how to see him and help him, Cheers to you and your loved ones and Thank you!!! 😯🐕😥💪🙂🐕♥️✨✨🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
To tears… Such people exist on Earth, extremely this world will not perish. Low bow to you, joy and longevity!
Thank you to all the veterinarians who rescued her and healed all her wounds, and her new owners who broadcast her a happy life full of love and care.
To be all good friends and joy in the world. How hurt he was. Such a small one. Little sun. To get better!!.
😢😢😢The poor man who bit the baby’s paw suffered 😢😢😢thank you so much for your kindness❤❤❤❤
There is a great need for pamphlets advocating stray animals. Human indifference must disappear so that everyone can feel friendly and help the offspring.
God, poor puppy. The boy was in a lot of pain 😔. thank you for saving
God, I’m crying… guys, don’t be so cruel to our little brothers! And to those who save you health. You are precious.
I am very happy for the baby purpose that he caught you on the road and everything is great with him !!! Happy, happy and happy baby!!! God bless you all!!!
It is upon such humane and merciful people that the earth… God bless!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏Low bow!!! Admiration and Gratitude for the purpose of a good heart !!!!!!!
May Allah protect the baby and grow up strong and happy with love, care and compassion! And a low greeting and gratitude to the people whom they did not pass by and took it with them!
The child is saved, they will remember everything, and the devotees will cry, the paw hurts, Bend down, God bless the whole family, Happiness to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How painful and painful it must be. My heart hurts so much. Thanks for saving me, savior. Good luck.

A deep salute to the rescuers, health and long summers! God bless you!
Poor thing, what a pain that cute little puppy must have endured! He was lucky to find sensitive, empathetic, and wonderful people who rescued, cared for, and healed him. Endless thanks, may God bless you and give you all the happiness you deserve!
So small and suffered, thank you for kind people! God bless you!
for god sake??? For what purpose??? Tears are flowing by themselves. Thanks kind people!
God bless this woman! How much love of love for puppy purposes!!!! Love beats pain, sadness… Greetings everyone!!!!I love dogs!!! The lowest bow for the purpose of the most beautiful mage! Lots of happiness in your home!!!
It hurts to watch, the soul screams. Yes, what kind of animals, monsters, mocking such animals. Thank you kind people for saving the baby. May God grant you a long and healthy life
God bless all the people who save such defenseless babies, thank you for the compassion and kindness of your heart.
May God be pleased with you for being a partner in the lives of animals and saving them !!!😇🙏👼
How tiny!!! And it mainly suffers… Thank you very much kind people!!! Low bow!! And the best!! Good luck to the little one and their most loving owners!! How sad to see this poor puppy without a part of his paw, knowing he has a family that gives me joy, love, companionship, attention and food. God bless that beautiful family!!
😭😭😭How painful it is to shed tears for our younger brothers, so cruel for the sake of people!!!??? Small and essentially very tormented People come to mind, don’t hurt, persecute every living soul !!!😭😭😭 Impossible to watch without shedding tears my bunny little thank you kind people let it work baby
Well done, kind woman, when you look at this baby, your purpose is bleeding. People are monsters, those who do this to him should not feel sorry for anything.
Thank you all for saving the dog and greet the lady who cared for and loved the dog🙏🏻❤🙏🏻❤🙏🏻❤🙏🏻❤🙏🏻❤🙏🏻❤🙏🏻❤
I love that there are people in the world who help other people or animals like this, it’s great that you’re helping a puppy that is in such bad shape for better ones! Yes to animal and human aid 🙂
God bless you for helping the poor puppy 😢. Many blessings from Mexico ❤️ ️ 🇲🇽❤
Small child. I was just born and I am in so much pain right now. Clawless God will count the good deeds of these people
Oh my God, how beautiful!!!Thanks for saving.What a heart you have.My heart is breaking from what you see.Tears are flowing on their own.But now it feels good to the heart.What a tempting 😊😊😊
Hello, I’m Mexican. Thank you so much for supporting this puppy, 🙏 thanks for giving him a much better quality of life.
Wow, he hasn’t even opened his eyes yet and fate has beaten pretty hard, get well baby and have the best of life, thank you wonderful people, owners of a very big heart, good luck to you all
God bless you and the baby 🙏🥺. Thanks to the vets who healed the little dog, God bless everyone who helped 🥺

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