The dog began to cry when it saw its owner years later.

The dog began to cry when it saw its owner years later.

After watching this i realise that how guilty we are how impure we are that we consider cats as sign of unluck and misfortune , if something negatvive is there in our life , we just put blame easlily on this Beatiful creature , this is such a narrow mindsetjust spent 3 months in Istanbul where the stray cats are well fed and looked after – it was sooo nice to see. Then I went to Egypt for a month and the cats there are extremely dirty eating from rubbish bins and are very afraid of people – I wonder why they’re so scared. Now I’m in Athens Greece and cats here are clean and well fed (FAT) haha – I’m LOVING the cats here

Farm animals, animal sounds: cow, chicken, pig, elephant, duck, cat sound Modern designs in my opinion, although I like both at the same time. This was a short gameplay this Friday and I’m impressed how they flawless they were at developing it. Hope you had a nice week man
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