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The dog was taken for euthanasia, but at the last moment

The dog was taken for euthanasia, but at the last moment

Saviors, adopters.. Receive all the blessings of the world.. It is truly wonderful. And thanks for your hard work…
Thank you to everyone who gave life to the dog and made it know happiness and love. 👍🐕❤️ ❤️ ❤️
It’s scary how the children in this family will be, and greetings and respect to whoever welcomes this dog into their family.
🙏❤️ Thanks to these kind people who helped this dog
Thank you for saving Maya and giving her a new and happy life.
May God give you good people health and good luck in everything you strive for. ANGELS
Thanks for saving the dog. Hello dog and good people. love them.
Thank you kind people, for the purpose of saving MAYA and their owners will get their rights not in this world but in the next world and additionally they have raised Cruel children. Not owners, bastards!!!! Everything will come back to them like a boomerang… And thanks to the people who saved the unlucky animal!!! Bastards, not the owners!!!! Everything will come back to them like a boomerang… And thanks to the people who rescued the unlucky animal!!!These are not humans, they are animals in human form but luckily everything ends well, the dog is alive, healthy, happy, loved and that’s the most important thing! ✨Wishing Maya and her wonderful owner a long, happy new year! 🐕💞. All health, peace, peace and prosperity!
Thank you for adopting him and giving him a home and family, I hope he is very happy.
How terrible, how cruel, such a beautiful dog, thank goodness Ella has a wonderful owner from now on, thanks a lot to the rescuers ♥️️️️️❣♥♥❣♥
I congratulate you for rescuing this dog because if you see what love is found in 👏🥰
It’s unbelievable how degenerate human monsters are. ❤❤❤❤I offer my admiration and respect to you, the saviors of this fur nose. May he find a good family who loves him 🙏🙏 greetings from Germany 🇩🇪
In order to Maya I have succeeded in a miracle thank God and she will be very happy!!!!🙂🙂

Let’s forget Maya’s past, celebrate her savior, let them be happy.
Mankind is a frightening being, especially when it’s a lady with a cruel heart !!! but through these wonderful people, Maya will have a loving life !!! THANKS SO MUCH❤
God bless the people who saved the beautiful Maya.
Thanks Good luck and be wealthy! Subscribe!♡♡♡This scary family has been identified – something happened to them! Little Dog knew he was going to die, they understand everything and smell death. Fortunately, Darling fought and won! MANY YEARS IN A FAMILY WITH HEALTH AND LOVE FOR ELLA BABY Blessed to have him for the cause, that dog is one, lucky and fortunately this evil family took him to this orphanage and luck changed him. You deserve all the happiness with this new loving father and family. i never loved you i send you contempt of all of us who love pets
God bless everyone who has registered since then! Those who adopted him and even his new home took care of that beautiful furry, thank you.🙏 ❤
This family was not given a term for cruelty to animals on their behalf, not only did they misbehave in life, they also put such beauty to sleep, and how much fear can be seen in their eyes? And on behalf of the police, he did not punish me so much, and the most important thing is how children will grow up on such examples, and what awaits the fate of the most important parents, the eyes they made on Maya. you and the long life and former non-humans are living now and your fear boomerang will not keep you waiting, it will return swiftly.
Thanks for saving Maya, she’ll have a second life and she’ll be happy and thank you dog, you were so brave, thanks for looking after her
How cruel, my God 😔. But through the Angels saving the Angels, Maya is alive and happy! 🥰. God bless him and his new family❤
It’s called ANIMAL ABUSE!!! THE FAMILY SHOULD TRUST THE PERSON THEY SAID. It was basically garbage. What will my poor life have endured? God blessed him!!!

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