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The man who kissed the dog for the last time before he died moved many people

The man who kissed the dog for the last time before he died moved many people

Not everyone understands how important a pet can be in a person’s heart and life. They become part of our family, and when something terrible happens to them, we cannot find solace, just as we do with our loved ones.

When they are sick, we do our best to help them recover quickly so that we can see their wagging tails or sad faces when we need to leave the house.

Unfortunately, our spoiled children are not immortal and will sometime have to complete their next cycle and cross the rainbow.

However, several recent events have particularly affected Internet users. Maybe it’s because the music is playing encouraging him in the background, or maybe it’s because the owner seems unpleasant and his long-term dog completely breaks down before leaving.

Photos that show the most vulnerable side of a man. It has been woven into the innermost fibers of most souls, as it was a tiny puppy, another son, who followed him for 14 long years of his life.

The scenario is set on a veterinarian’s gurney, where it is assumed that he will be given the drug to put him to sleep for the rest of his life.

The dog already has a syringe so in a few minutes he will be on the other side but his eyes are still open. The owner finds no solace and leans towards his hairy friend and turns into a long hug that he hopes will never stop.

He tries to caress her, looks into her eyes and kisses her as if to hold her for a while, but realizes that time is running out.

“The strong man will have to say goodbye to the dog with whom he has shared his life for the past 14 years.” Next to the description of the video, which has over 17 million views, it reads, “I pray there is no more suffering in Heaven.”

The networks did not hesitate to respond with heartfelt empathy to the man’s suffering, which they perceived as their own.

“Oh my god, I just had to do this a few months ago.” You may be the toughest person in the world, but when it comes to your kids, you fall apart fast. One user wrote, “I will never forget the last time we looked at each other.”

One person commented, “This made me cry because it reminded me of one of the most painful days of my life.”

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