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The naughtiest of cats and dogs

Let’s be clear, you’re here because you love animals. And that’s why we got you. It’s the town’s policy to bring you funny and cute animals every day. Then get ready!
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It was such a refreshing change to see a beautiful, gentle Doberman at 2:48 with soft, natural ears, rather than the weird pointy ones caused by barbaric, unnecessary surgery inflicted by cruel humans concerned only with the dog looking dangerous and mean. Thank you.

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a friend had a cat named BOUNCE , I ask why ? , she said , she doesn’t like to be petted but hold out your hand straight without kneeling down, so I did which my arm was at about 3 foot in the air, BOUNCE came running towards my hand , and as she went underneath , she bounced up to PET herself on my hand, that was the coolest thing out of a cat I have seen
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