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The Night We Received a Stray with an Inflated Belly, Fighting for Breath at Our Shelter

It was a typical evening at our animal shelter when we received a call about a stray dog who urgently needed medical attention. A kind-hearted passerby had heard the dog’s whimpering and brought her to us. We could see that the dog had an inflated belly, and it was struggling to breathe. Our team of veterinarian technicians immediately went into action, bringing the dog to our medical facility for further examination.

As soon as we laid eyes on the poor dog, we knew she was in dire need of help. Her belly was so distended that it looked like it could burst at any moment, and she was gasping for air. We quickly got her onto the examination table and began taking her vital signs. Her breathing was shallow and rapid, indicating that she was suffering from respiratory distress.

One of our vet techs, Sarah, gently palpated the dog’s stomach, probing for any signs of tenderness or pain. It was clear that the dog was uncomfortable, but she didn’t flinch or snap at Sarah’s touch. Our lead veterinarian, Dr. Lee, ordered several diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the dog’s distended belly and respiratory distress.

The results were alarming. The dog had a severely enlarged spleen, which was causing her stomach to bloat up with fluid. The pressure of the bloated stomach was compressing the dog’s lungs, making it difficult for her to breathe. Additionally, the dog was extremely anemic, likely due to internal bleeding caused by the enlarged spleen.

Dr. Lee and his team knew that they had to act quickly to save this dog’s life. They consulted with specialists across the country and developed a treatment plan that involved removing the dog’s spleen and transfusing her with donor blood.

The surgery was risky, but it was the only chance the dog had. Throughout the long night, our team worked tirelessly to save her life. We monitored her vital signs, administered medications to keep her comfortable, and provided plenty of love and attention.

Finally, after several hours of intense surgery, the dog came out of anesthesia. We were relieved to see that she was breathing more easily and that her belly was no longer distended. Over the next few days, the dog continued to recover under our care. She ate heartily, wagged her tail, and showered us with affection.

Eventually, the time came for the dog to find her forever home. It wasn’t long before a loving family stepped forward to adopt her. They were smitten with her sweet disposition and grateful that she had been given a second chance at life.

Looking back on that night, we are reminded of why we do what we do. Our mission is to provide compassionate care to animals in need, no matter how challenging or complex their medical needs may be. We are grateful to have been able to save this dog’s life and give her the happy ending she deserved.

On a chilly January 15, 2023 morning, we found an abandoned puppy on the doorstep of our Animal Shelter. The poor pup had a terribly swollen tummy that was almost toad-like. We knew we had to move quickly to provide him with assistance.

The veterinarian quickly examined the little furry pup and determined that he had developed ascites. This is a condition that causes the belly to become swollen due to an excess buildup of fluid.

There are various factors that can lead to Ascitus, and in order to identify the root cause of the puppy’s condition, we had to conduct blood tests.

We were aware of the possibility of major complications arising from the fluid accumulated in his abdomen, and therefore, we held a meeting to discuss our concerns about him not being able to recover from his illness.

The puppy received constant care and attention from a committed team, resulting in gradual improvement. As time passed, the size of the puppy’s belly reduced significantly due to the removal of most of the fluid in its abdomen.

We were thrilled to witness an increase in his energy and playfulness, as he began showing curiosity towards his surroundings.

Despite facing difficulties, the puppy never lost his playful and affectionate demeanor. He loved to cuddle with our team members and was always excited to engage with his toys.

As time passed by, we witnessed significant improvements in the puppies’ health. Our team collaborated with Pierre to closely observe their progress and provide them with the necessary care for their complete recovery.

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