The poor kitten was having its last moments by the roadside, but no one was running to help! - aboutcatdog

The poor kitten was having its last moments by the roadside, but no one was running to help!

The poor kitten was having its last moments by the roadside, but no one was running to help!

Gentlemen, we have received a rescue call for a kitten that is living its last moments! We hurried to that area and found him on a path near the roadside. The poor boy was in a helpless condition and could not walk. His heart-wrenching meows beckoned for help, but no one listened until we came to his rescue. He had a few survivability chances, but we decided to strive for him and immediately made an appointment with a veterinarian. What happened next, your eyes will stay open! Watch Ben’s miraculous journey! Please support our mission so we can continue to save more lives. Thanks for watching. Send donations using your Credit Card

I find it extremely difficult to understand why people don’t simply leave a random animal in a difficult situation and offer help. 🤯Thank you for helping breastfeeding Ben get healthy.❤
A big thank you to the very kind people for rescuing this kitten! ❤️ Kindness and compassion will save the world! ️When I saw that poor cat, I said to myself, how can one leave an innocent kitten, I am very happy, I hope it is adopted, good luck I
you will live baby! I am happy and thank you to the good people who brought you back to life😊
I love how kittens were created to stay strong against the cruel world and fight for their lives.
Kind people, thank you so much for rescuing this lovely little wonderful kitten.
My heart has been broken a thousand times for Ben – NO CAT SHOULD SEE SUCH PAIN! You are indeed the angel and Ben is a special person who will always be grateful to you for everything you have done for him and the vet we have left behind beyond duty to save him. THANKS THANK YOU FOR RESCUEING THIS VALUABLE CAT!

I don’t understand how people can pass by such a helpless kitten. People are heartless and only care about their own lives, it’s sad actually sad.
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS! You are a KING in the realm of kindness! God bless you and your family for taking care of this tiny kitten!
It’s a blessing to know that there are good-hearted people for animals! Thanks for your work! God bless you! I love how the cat let the kitten eat from him as if they were his children ♡
I am so grateful for helping this defenseless kitten. Now 🙏🤗🐈has a mother and a beautiful family.😍👍👍👍
Thank you for missing me like a mother cat ️ I’m impressed, thanks dog ownerI started shedding tears and hoped you’d get better. Thank you for saving this precious baby.
I’m actually depressed right now, struggling badly with my mental health and haven’t smiled or felt hopeful for days until I saw this, your kindness to this beautiful helpless kitten brought tears to my eyes and a smile of joy x the world is a better place with people like you x thank you
Much, much love and dedication from you to save our animals! May God always bless your life and enlighten the world! Congratulations on the great work in the lives of Abandoned Animals!
Bless Little Ben, his first friend Fritz, his adoptive mother Lara, and bless you who saved him. It is a wonderful thing to witness, to see her recover after such a terrible start. I’m a savior too, and I can’t imagine how many individuals pass by without a second thought. Thank God, 🙏☺️
Ben looks so cute and strong, you have a big heart to save these animals when you find them.❤
Wow. It was extremely uncomfortable for people to pass by and not care. There’s no doubt it was moments before you got to that area. A huge THANK YOU for taking it and giving it a chance to live. ☺️ ♥️ Can we all appreciate Fritz for a second?! ️ What a special kid!!

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