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The Story of the World’s Largest Mother Dog

The Story of the World’s Largest Mother Dog

What a smart good dog, I want everything to be fine with him and his puppies and thank you
God bless you all and good luck, good people!! You have a noble, warm heart!🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖
Thank you for saving weak and dumb lives with your love. A mother’s deep motherly love brings tears to my eyes. I pray for both the baby and the mother to lead a healthy and happy life.🙏 💕 🐶
What a blessing to find these crumbs, miracle children. Thank you for rescuing these children in tandem with your mother. She deserved the joy of co-ordination with her children.
Dear dog-feeding woman, I sincerely wish you all the best! Dear, thank you for saving the dog and the puppies.
It must be very difficult to see you enter the relocation area without any problems. Thank you to those who saved us.
A big hello. To the residents, the production crew and everyone who helped with the rescue ♡ Blessings, we hope to see a good family soon!!♡
Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to save Yeoreum and Kkomul. I was touched that they ♥ raised Kkomul so chubby and well in cold weather.
The mother went out to look for food to support her babies… Fortunately, these people showed pity and were able to save them… These attitudes are expected from a HUMAN… God bless!!!I cried for Yeoreum’s glorious mother ㅠㅠ Animal Freedom Coalition that always saves children and thanks to Animal Farm!!! I pray that summer will meet a good family!!
Thank you to those who rescued me, to those who took care of and reported the food, and to those who worked hard to raise Yeoreum babies. I wish you a long and happy life with a good owner.
After watching the broadcast, I was very touched.. Even though her body was dry, she went a long way several times a day for her baby. oh be happy❤❤❤
Many thanks and blessings to the people who saved the dog and its puppies!! I hope from Allah they find good people who adopt and love them very much!!
Summer is so wonderful and wonderful. I’m thinking of doing 10km round trip 3-4 times a day, it’s both sad and surprising. I hope Buddha meets Yeoreum and 7 little good parents ️May God bless all the people who are dedicated to saving animals,🙏🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏
10km round trip 3-5 times a day The children are chubby, the mother is skinny… A child with an amazing motherly love that I will never forget… A calm and kind child as if he knew that those around him were helping him. hospital.. Please write me, I wish to meet a good owner and be happy for a long time. I feel relieved that everything is healthy except for skin disease. Let’s meet a good owner.
Thank you to those who explained the story of Yeoreum to me and prepared something to eat. Thank you very much to the rescuers and the attending physician♡ Yeoreum. Babies~♡♡♡
Yeoreum’s motherly love is so touching that tears come to my eyes. I want to thank those who took care of Yeoreum, those who saved her, and the Animal Farm production team.
A big thank you to those who have embraced and rescued me like I’m shedding tears for the first time since watching Animal Farm.
Come winter, abandoned dog children seem to be having a harder time. Thank you very much for your interest, notification and savings. May the children find good parents too🙏
God have mercy on Poor Little Man How much he suffers Thank you so much for helping these little angels He is actually a nice dog. He is kind, human friendly and has a strong sense of responsibility… I hope Yeoreum and her pups meet good families and live happily ever after.
I have tears in my eyes because the person looking at me shed tears… Thank you for taking care of me Yaz, let’s meet a good family^^
Mom is strong.. ㅜㅜ I’m so glad that winter babies are well taken care of, let’s meet a good winter family, stay warm and happy.❤
Oh my God, how hard and difficult it must be for my purpose. Still, I am so happy that I met good people and was saved. Thank you very much.

Thank you people for saving these angels. May God grant everyone a good parent, a warm home and a bowlful of food every day.
This is very nice. Thank you so much for all this great work. Greetings from Mexico.
The mother with strong maternal love is also wonderful and the little ones are so cute by the way… I hope to meet a good owner!!
Even in such a situation, it is very touching that you worry so much about your children and take care of them with great sincerity. Beautiful and wonderful
I had a hard time holding back my tears while watching the broadcast, 😢you’re still young, how tired and tired you must be… You must be happy Yeoreum.
Oh, it went so well that Yeoreum and the babies were saved. I cried because of Yeoreum this morning too~~ I hope I can meet a good family!
Summer is a super mom, a perfect dog mom, an amazing mom. May she and her puppies be nothing but the best in this world. It deserves a warm and safe place to rest and recuperate, a place where the puppies can grow up happy and healthy. We wish you a long and happy life in coordination with the families of the future who will adopt them.
How tiring these days must have been… My eyes filled with tears the moment I saw the puppies ㅠㅠ From now on, just walk on the flowery paths~ 🌻🌷⚘🌺💐😘😘😘
I think Yeoreum’s motherly love is huge ㅠㅠ Since Yeoreum and her puppies were adopted in a good place, all that remains is to smile happily in a good environment.
It’s a pity.. It must be a hard life to take care of myself but how hard it must be to take care of babies. I hope Yeoreum and her puppies are adopted and live happily ever after!!
What a wonderful mother, so admirable and all she has to do to feed her beautiful, beautiful pups. Worthy of a Thousand Blessings. And Thanks to the Saviors Who Rescued Him with Their Babies
What a wonderful, wonderful mother “Summer is here!” 👍🏼❤▪️I think 👍🏼 all mothers are amazing and wonderful but really animals are too. I hope Yeoreum and the children will meet good families in the future, be healthy and live only on happy flower paths.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I just saw it on TV and my eyes are watering. As of Sunday morning, Yeoreum gave birth to seven babies in the mountains and traveled long distances begging for something to eat. I hope to meet a good person and have a happy summer. What a difficult life, that little dog had to travel so many kilometers to eat and be in harmony with its puppies, had to trust people so much and take the puppies this far, but when they caught him, he did not show any resistance. I hope they adopt a child who will love each and every one of them.
She’s a great mom, the problem she endured running so many miles to feed them properly, it’s really amazing, hats off to her efforts you have so many beautiful kids mom, thank you for taking care of them kind people
I watched the broadcast and cried. Seeing the puppies rummaging through the litter boxes and feeding them and swallowing what they couldn’t eat… But I am so happy and grateful that there are people who take care of them warmly… Summer , I am happy to meet a good family with babies.
Despite being born a dog, I respect motherly love. May everyone be happy in a beautiful home. Thank you to everyone who saved us. Saw co-op with the baby in the original broadcast!!! ㅠㅠㅠ I hope you go to a good place, get adopted and live a healthy life with lots of love!!Mother taking care of her babies THANK YOU FOR HELP BABIES SO SWEET THANK YOU AND BELIEVE ME YOU ARE HAPPY THANKS FOR YOUR HELP THANKS YOU
I can say that you are wonderful people with big hearts! As for the mother dog?! My God, what a sacrifice to find food, to feed the chicks!… Impressive! Now, I hope Yeoreum and her children live a healthy and happy life. We have come a long way to end the tiring life because we have children. Make sure you will be happy Yeoreum.🙏

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