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Thrown over the fence, unable to sit and always crying in pain, why can they do that?

Thrown over the fence, unable to sit and always crying in pain, why can they do that?

What are these little people doing? You are a very intelligent man, your heart aches from this crying. he is a boy😭😭
People… you are not human. How to raise a hand on a creature and make fun of them .kill them… 🤤Thanks for rescuing this little defenseless puppy, lad… ♥️🙏
What heartless people have hurt this little dog, 😡😥😥😥 luckily there are still people who love animals 😥❤️ ❤️ ❤️
It’s nice that good people who know how to help and have warmth are not dead for now. Health and long life to you.
Thank you for your kindness, may God give you health and patience, I am so sorry for the puppy crying like a child
It is impossible to watch without shedding tears, I wish all non-humans who have caused such pain to animals to experience the same pain and become crippled.
How many reptiles walk the earth! Wretched! And a hand goes up! … God help this baby get well and be happy! Salute to the saviors!
Love and kindness hit the depths of the soul with the mercy of a Man and a man alike! God bless you, health! May Allah punish the oppressors!
the people who do this are heartless they don’t deserve anything from life how can you do this to 2 helpless puppies they are ugly people in every way. Thank you very much for your care for them, I respect what you do, thank you from the bottom of my heart
Thank you for your compassion and kindness! Be happy, healthy and prosperous. You are an angel on earth. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤With love from Russia.
It is impossible to watch a baby cry without tears. How does it hurt? Why are people so cruel? This is a little boy. Thank you kind people for saving this baby. A beautiful one! Health to all rescuers, joy and prosperity to your families. And non-humans will also be rewarded according to their deeds. The law has not been revoked for now, the boomerang.
I forbid such videos from being shown to me in the feed, but they still appear. It is very difficult to watch, there is not enough power. Thanks to those who helped, don’t leave me in a difficult situation. I hope whoever treated this crumb so cruelly gets his due. TearsSo, just one second and life decays and then a long recovery, both done through one person. That’s where there is so much cruelty in people, many thanks to the people who saved the baby
What a wonderful young man you are with a big loving heart. Thank you. I bow before you and wish you all the brightest and most beautiful. Health and peace. The little puppy will recover soon so that there will be no consequences of such fanaticism. And let the swimmers undo all the evil they have done.
The longer I live, the more I love animals, the cruelty of bipedal creatures scares me. I pay my respects to everyone who helped and saved our little 😥😡brothers, I bow before you PEOPLE 🙏🐾❤️
Thank you dear and kind person for saving animals!🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤
Thank you so much kind people, you saved the puppy! I didn’t have time to come to this cruel world and I actually suffered a lot, dear puppy, a speedy recovery to you and deep respect for your saviors, I can’t watch without tears….. I have 2 dogs, God help the puppy, poor little thing.. .. My heart is bleeding, pity, it does not deserve this kind of torment. Thanks to this dog’s savior, may the puppy be happy with it ❤️

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to the kind people who saved this cute little baby.
God! Help the dog to the child in every way and be patient while helping people.
Help and strengthen God, all good people and animals, God bless you all and your pets!!!🙏 Whoever abandoned this baby is not cruel. Often people who see a crippled animal pass by someone who knows that the cost of treatment is great, will feed him maximum. And if veterinary clinics around the world had three days of pity every month, then believe me, not many would have passed and left such animals. They found the baby and all they could do was hand it over to those who could. Who is behind this project like video, disseminating information on all such sites. Aibolita physicians should be conscientious and have some financial problems, believe me, this is not a big loss at the rates they treat, but the help can be huge.
If you can say that whatever evil is in the heart of that individual who did this, he is a miserable person by throwing the little baby off the wall. 😠😠💔 May Allah grant him a speedy recovery. God bless you always… wonderful guardians! 🙏🙏🙏❤️ Lots of love from Brazil.🇧🇷 🐕❤️🐾🐾
It is very inhumane to do such things against animals. Why do people who don’t like animals have them? To throw them away? To make them suffer? This is so ugly! Thank you for helping this dog and others. Did he survive? God bless you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻, your family and friends, you are a person with a very big heart! ❤The baby in your arms will definitely get better.🐶
Kindness will save the world!!! Great story))) warmth and kindness to you just because you are human !!! Man!!! My soul is always with you ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
I have tears in my eyes, I hope this little creature’s health will improve, how can one treat helpless animals when there is so much cruelty and sadism? Benevolent and humanly adopted, God bless them, shame on their tormentors.
Beautiful people who help small and vulnerable creatures like puppies, God bless them always and beautiful people who take care of their way with good care, the baby will get well soon And please help the lucky ones, thank you. You are a good man! Bless you for being so loving and kind to that precious little dog. I can’t think of all the cruel things bad people do to helpless little creatures like this from time to time.
I’m praying right now for the poor man to get out of this, thank you for saving him. There are very bad people in the world. ️🇪🇦People like your brother are the ones who make this world better.Thank you for the purpose of existing people like you.
Did the baby survive????? God bless you to get all the money and everything you need to grow your shelter and coordinate with everything to continue to save babies who are suffering or left alone in the world…thank you 🤗
Thanks to the kind people who couldn’t get past the unfortunate creatures! Animals, the most innocent! God help everyone who helps animals!
God bless you and give you strength!!!! We will help as much as we can! Please continue the treatment and life of a puppy!!!!Thank you for saving the puppy 🥺May God bless you and the person I helped, the kitten and your beautiful family ☺️ 🙏and other little animals on the street🥺

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