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Touching Moment: Man saves beagle from euthanasia in shelter, hugs him and thanks him

Touching Moment: Man saves beagle from euthanasia in shelter, hugs him and thanks him

A sick dog is so happy that he has new hope for his future purpose.

Despite having a completely treatable and non-serious heartworm disease, Gregory the Beagle was on the verge of execution at the Franklin County Animal Shelter. Fortunately, Joe Kirk heard of his plight and made it just in time to save him. He couldn’t help feeling sorry for the dog.

Every pet has the right to a permanent home where they are loved and valued for who they are, as well as the care they need. Like humans, pets also get sick from time to time. It is preferable to try the process in which the disease is considered curable; No one wants to be abandoned or left to die because of an illness. Being sick should never be a reason for abandoning or euthanizing dogs.


In Findlay, Ohio, Joe and his wife, Schenley, founded the nonprofit Hound Rescue and Sanctuary. They make every effort to help dogs and prevent them from being abandoned. They make sure every dog is in the best condition and that those struggling to find a home are taken care of. Preventing their execution is the most important thing for their group.


The retriever, who saved him from execution at the shelter, hugs his savior. She thanks him for protecting her from death.

According to the couple, Gregory is a very grateful Beagle. In fact, he was aware of his safety the moment they rescued him. He’s also currently receiving medical attention despite having a parasitic infection, so he’s in good hands. They are ready to take care of him, show their love and provide him with a bright future.


Hound Rescue and Sanctuary currently shelters and cares for 30 dogs. Many of these dogs are adoptable and the volunteers work hard to provide them with the best possible care. This hound was at the sanctuary, where he received great attention after being adopted.

The Beagle quickly found a lifelong home and was adopted. She hugged Joe to show her appreciation for saving him from execution in beautiful images, and it got a lot of attention. People who saw these pictures on the Internet were attracted to the very large heart of the dog.


Gregory has a wonderful family that adores him from now on and is eager to provide for him in life. He can now enjoy the comfort of home while undergoing heartworm treatment. He also shares a home with another Beagle sibling and the two have gotten pretty close.

Gregory’s uniqueness makes Joe and his wife happy for being able to save him, and there is no greater emotion than saving the life of an animal without fault for the reason he was rejected. For them every life is important. Even if they can’t save everyone, they believe they can save at least one more life, which has made a huge difference.


This cute Beagle never stops hugging and kissing everyone because he is so happy he is at home. He is a very grateful dog and his family is very happy to have him. Gregory will never have to be abandoned and on the verge of euthanasia, as we are sure they will have a good life together.
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