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We Checked the Puppies of the Birth Mother Dog

We Checked the Puppies of the Birth Mother Dog

Sweet fur noses, claws 🐾🐾beloved eyes 🐶faithful souls. You innocent babies, I wish and hope that one day your suffering will end and you live in peace forever 🙏☄☄🍀🍀😍.
Sweet little babies, sweet puppies families 🐶❤ live happily, peacefully and in good health. God bless you all. God bless all of our dear friends who helped… Let’s not forget the LIKE button to support you.
God bless you, thank you very much to all my brothers who supported the food we left behind, may God protect us from accident amen
SEVPATİ is the name of the goodness movement for the sake of little friends. All the beautiful people identified in the support of mama, I am glad to have you.
Hearty baby rain babies growing alone, all souls, God cc relics, donors who support my love, thank you, and thank you… Hello.
Endless thanks to my dear friends who gave their comments to my dear friends who gave the chance to these souls to life, first God, then love and family support 🧿💙..
While watching the broadcast of Sevpati, I always think of compassion, humanity, trust in souls, and mastery. Thank you Sevpati team and all the dear friends who helped, God willing.🌹🌹 🌹🤝🇹🇷🤝…
Thank you great Sevpati team Many thanks to all dear friends who support the Sevpati team . May God be with you❤🐾 Thank you very much to all good-hearted dear friends who gave financial and moral support, God bless you 🤲🤲..
Thank you very much to the candos found in the support of mama.. God bless you all..
Ooy dear Mother, you are dear with her proud offspring, God forbid, I will create them all Amen 🤲🤲🤲🤲 Amen…
May my GREAT LORD be pleased with all his Paw friends who were found in the material support for the construction of the food hut and hut, and let not even a stone touch their feet…
I hope all souls face people with angelic hearts like love, Amin Amin Amin 🤲🤲🤲🤲.
Ozcan, may my Lord increase the amount of good-hearted and loving people like you, Amen Inshallah 🤲🤲🤲..
May God give the newly born puppies a good life, while there are honest people like you, they will not be hungry and thirsty Greetings from Bursa
Sevpati does not leave you alone. It makes backups of food. fills the waters cleanly. beautiful mother. healthy to your hands and heart.. your efforts are very valuable.. thank you..🙏🙏🌺🐕🌺🐕.

Wingless Angels of love, I’m glad you exist, always exist Inshallah, with health and well-being.
I’m weird, you are welcome to this world.. I hope you have a healthy life..
My teacher Özcan, may God give you strength, mashallah, you did not leave these souls without saying snow, winter, rain, summer. Endless thanks to you and your team, good luck 👍🐕..
Many thanks to you and your dear friends who have given you financial and moral support in your struggle for these lives.
Dear teacher; They are waiting for you to show the babies, you have become grandparents, God bless you and the good People who do good. Kiss the babies, mashallah, let them grow up with health and goodness. Respects
May God not leave any living creature without a person without love, thank you Sevpati, you are great Sevpati God bless those who help me
May God be pleased with you, my dear teacher, may my Lord never put you in trouble and increase your strength inshallah 🤲..
My dear teacher Özcan and his valuable team, thank you for your efforts. It’s good, but you’re welcome.
Babies are welcome. They came across people with good hearts like you. May God keep such beauties in our lives. Thanks to you, we come across very good works. May God grant you all the beauties inshallah, SEVPATİ.
Watching sevpati every day provides great peace and joy God bless you teacher Özcan and his team 🤲🤲..
Ayyyy for the beauty of these babies 😍😍 Mashallah yaa. 🥰🥰 How the hell did the mother come to her babies.🥰🥰 Sevpati You are amazing. Good luck to your efforts.👏👏👏
May God bless you my teacher, may your humanity be an example to everyone 👏👏👍👍👍 May the baby of the family who support the food be born healthy, may it grant a good son 🤲♥️
God bless you too my cloud brother soner brother valiant brother, we have not forgotten you too, of course, they are in our prayers, for example, our young brothers, I hope everything goes to your heart 🤲🤲🥀🥀🥀🥀❤️❤️❤️..
May my LORD LORD protect babies from all evil, never leave them hungry and thirsty, and of course, human-like monsters…
They are very sweet in babies, mothers and other children in all of them Masallah May God protect us from Evil Eyes Inshallah May God Give Our Beautiful Puppies Long Long Lives Inshallah
May God forgive the new babies, I wish them a long and healthy life, thank you for your efforts, on behalf of the souls
Mashallah, five of them in one place 🧿💞 I wish all the puppies a long life with their healthy feathers 🙏..
We’re coming in Fine.
The new friends are welcome, first of all, health, peace and tranquility for all of you, throughout the family, in fact, the hearts that love life are beautiful in every way 😘🐕 The angels of goodness are on the field for our dear friends without saying rain or slime.
May God love, protect and protect you, beautiful brave team of Sevpati.
Thanks also to the parents of Necip baby who supported the mother.
Bless your baby.

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