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We Found Mother Cocker Discarded When Her Puppies Are Crossbreed

We Found Mother Cocker Discarded When Her Puppies Are Crossbreed

God bless you forever, my teacher, you sprinkled our hearts with water. My innocent lamb instantly stood up in order to make it look like a home environment. You did not leave it there, may my Lord not put you in trouble. Oh, she did it in the bathroom, mismiss😍😍😍.
We curse those who threw that little dog, may they burn in hell forever 😡😡😡 Endless thanks Sevpati and mama etc. to those who help ♥️♥️♥️
How glad I am that he was taken to a safe environment, and I was filled with peace. God bless you my love. Thank you, thank you, good luck 🙏.
From my teacher Özcan, Bulut and our Soner Brother, may my LORD be pleased, let not even a stone touch their feet, may my GREAT LORD protect them from all evil, and give them a long, healthy, happy and peaceful life with all their loved ones…
My teacher, merciful, compassionate, how well you hosted our mother and our babies, so glad to have you, thousands of thanks 🐕🐾🐕🐾🐕🐾🌷🌺🌻.
The Sevpati family, who were found in the support of food, who delivered the food to these beautiful souls, who thought about their water and treatment, give us hope. 🧿🙏🐾 It is a joy to see that he is safe ❤️
Eternal thanks for all the kindness you have done to these sweet innocent souls who were thrown to death.
May God bless you my brother, dear teacher, you have prepared your place in Heaven, God bless everyone who helps with food, of course all these beauties come with effort, pray for me too, may I have a lot of money with health, joy, faith, morality, blessings, stay healthy.
May God bless you thousands, God bless everyone who helped us for not leaving this girl outside 🤲…❤
You taught us the concept of humanity, conscience and honor once again, my teacher. By throwing that poor mother into the countryside, we saw again how despicable creatures we live in.
Teacher, there is always. Good luck to you….How beautiful, special people you are. God bless you, you always put hope and hope in me.
This world is a war of the merciful against the merciless.
What a beautiful heart you have, I cried, if you didn’t see this soul, I actually don’t want to think, my lucky baby, how beautiful it was when I came from vet 💖
May God protect and watch over every living thing in the world. I hope it will help every living creature that breathes. May these beautiful dogs have a long life 🐶 You took care of and valued this beautiful soul 💕😇👌👍 May my Lord give you a great and beautiful heart insh’Allah 🤲😇💕 May my Lord protect you, the supporting young people and souls insh’Allah🤲 Thank God the Sevpati Team found the poor pup. saved . Many thanks for the loving care of the mother and her cubs. How was my poor little darling supposed to survive, sadly sad. I don’t understand these selfish and heartless people.❤🐾

You took care of this beautiful soul🐶 and valued it 💕😇👌👍 May my Lord grant you the great beauty of your heart insh’Allah 🤲😇💕 May my Lord protect you, the supporting young people and souls insh’Allah🤲
I have a hard time understanding people who pretend to be possessive. It’s good to have you, SEVPATİ family. May God write to you the rewards of those who claimed and disposed of these souls. If you have a sin, which you do not have, but let it be written on those who lost their lives. I don’t know what else to summarize.
My dear teacher, I am older than you in age, you are your biggest supporter in the humanity lesson that you gave, you are your biggest supporter, young people, I am younger than my children, I have come to question myself, why did I not become a person like you, why did I not benefit from the world created by my Lord, here is the life conditions, experiences, backgrounds of the experiences. I wanted to take shelter in the part of you, but I could not find a solution, I started to hate myself thinking about your life, but I am not harming anyone and I was saying that I am good for many people and animals, I was saying that I am a good person, I have been following you for about 2 years, you made me question myself with these, you alienated me, I love you very much. My financial situation is not that good. I can’t give you food support. My heart always desires it, but the facts prevent me from lightening the load on you when I’m far away from you. I can’t help, it affects me deeply, from now on I see you accusing me in my dreams, I feel very sad, this is my first time writing here, I apologize to you, please forgive me, otherwise I’m losing my sleep, I can’t sleep, I see you as my own family and love you very much, even if I don’t really know you.
May all the nonhuman bipeds die, thank you dear friends who helped this innocent ❤🐕‍🦺❤
That’s why God does not keep us away from disasters, it’s a pity, in fact, those who threw these animals out of humanity should not forget that if they are buried under the ground one day, I hope they will need these animals, I pray to God
Ozcan, God bless you
You are a true animal lover
May my Lord keep you safe in this world and in the hereafter. May God be pleased with you a thousand times. Let him do the same as he knows those who kill these lives and throw them on the street. May my Lord give people a conscience before money and stamps. I kiss your hands, sir.
How did you throw this coy dog, can it fit humanity, it’s a good thing Sevpati saw it, he was saved through them, my God, give power to Sevpati, these little souls and puppies 🙏🙏
wow, my baby can’t believe what happened to him, that he was thrown away. He loved the one who left him more than his life. of baby Ozcan, what a beautiful person you are. may my lord protect you🙏🙏❤❤🧿🧿
You saved this beautiful mother and her cubs. You’re right, they had no chance of surviving on their own. God bless you again.

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